Some time ago to see you want broncos dumervil an article jerseys too much finally, is a struggle in Beijing for ten years and finally Shoufu about 1000000 to buy a house, then tells the story of ten years and two couples how to save money, finally bought a house will be far from the home of the parents to live together, do not use the two Acacia bitter, no longer is this life can see several parents math tearful life. This article has been reproduced hundreds of thousands of people, most of the voice is, if I live like a hero, it is better to die.”

At that time, I immediately thought of another article on the horizon to see, is a girl to write, but also about buying a house, the theme is “prices are not high”. She said from her graduation money began to buy a house, first save one hundred thousand to buy a suburban (in Shenzhen), and then step by step, step by step and then sell the appreciation to the downtown wards. I remember when I was watching the house she has changed five times, each time the sales and purchases of real estate are all revealed her shrewd and diligent (give me a house I can not do her so cheap nfl jerseys industrious) her colleagues always feel that high prices can not afford to buy their own, because my colleagues want to buy in the city center, convenient transportation, complete life the hope is the outer suburbs of the price of cabbage, daily life also lavish, almost no savings, so that prices are too expensive.

Although I also saddled with mortgages, and I don’t think the price is low, but the two article left me a very deep impression, and I believe that a truth, at the same time, the A B will give up and sacrifice and cost, we will miss a lot of life. Can not let you get what. Live frugally couple gave up ten years of enjoyment of life, never wear frock, mouse pad with advertising gifts, the most happy thing is that every month net “buy special nfl jerseys free shipping card” to save money, ten years after they had a big house, away from home than many North drift, together with their parents to live can struggle in the dream of the city will be very happy. Smart house girl gave up a lot of entertainment and shopping opportunities and singing time, contemplating the sales and purchases of real estate for their nest a little planning and goals, and not light complained about a price too high to afford the country not to let the young man live bastard.

Life won’t give you anything, especially if you don’t want to do it. I have received a lot of friends just graduated from the letter, say they are very busy with work, work is exhausted, no time to do anything, and that the hands of money to develop second occupation, how to do? Every young person who has just graduated will be very tired very hard, especially in some industries to work in the middle of the night or even all night is a normal thing, but people always have to make great efforts to make others feel effortless. There is no white earned money, there is no white pay out of the hard work, only not enough effort and did not adhere to the courage. And where to go to work, and strive to put in what place, can be directly visible.

Of course, I also received over the letter, feel very busy ah, just graduated from the social need to sing need to relax the need nike nfl jerseys top quality to give yourself a break to get up to eat and drink to need a good plump, still need to make more money, work ability have rich expertise, this day is obviously not enough time how to do? How to balance it? There is no balance, no one can balance, you want too much.

Of course, my life is not so smooth, every day will be out of order, make oneself often sleep well, irritable mood. But I am grateful that these are not smooth, because there is not a smooth existence, only to see their own life should be like this. God is fair, he has got a lot, then other things do not matter. What if life is given to you, it should be ready in a pit in the back waiting for you. Ask not what life gives you, ask what you’ve done. God is ready for a lifetime to get you to do things, can not be saved until the age of 30 to give you, if there is such a thing, then there must be no good thing to wait for you.