I love comedy movies you have to leave very much, called “Groundhog Day” bills white jerseys here now (Groundhog Day), also translated as “Groundhog Day”. Starring Bill Murray Phil (Phil) is a weatherman, every day except in front of the camera to the audience to do the weather forecast humorous, February 2nd every year he had to go to a town named F Soltani reported the groundhog day celebration. This is the fourth time he reported this holiday, he actually sniff at of this holiday, and tired of their working heart. When he finished the year after reports of the regular course of official duties, then hurry home, on the way back but suffered a snowstorm, so he had to continue to stay in the town.

The second day at six o’clock in the morning, he was awakened by the alarm, found all around is a repeat of yesterday, he started tension, confusion, doubt, be at a loss what to do all this is not true, so spend a day, at six o’clock in the morning alarm clock rang football jerseys online, he ushered in the February 2nd, life seems to be God under a curse, he repeat the same groundhog day. He then from the initial confusion into ecstasy, because all the things he predicted the next time will occur, caused by the uncertainty of life in fear is gone, he started to ignore the law and morality, use this opportunity to do bad, women have become easy, grab the bank at

No worries. He began to pursue female producers, after the failure, he repeated more tired of life, try a variety of Dutch act method, crash, jumping, hanging, self immolation…… No matter how his life that day, second days to six point one, the nightmare will start again.

Then he suddenly wake up, no longer wait to escape in February 2nd, but changed their attitude of life, every day like Ganchang everywhere to help others, improve your relationships: catch the fall from the tree to the street children, the elderly to colleagues to bring food, breakfast, and old classmates, don’t try to please the sweetheart, even to destroy and her date, to rush to save a choking man.authentic nfl jerseys He began to learn and improve their learning poetry, be learned in books,: Piano, learning ice…… Originally, the arrogant sarcastic ridicule him into helping others, friendly and versatile person, also became the most popular singles. Finally, he won the female producer of love, the perfect end of February 2nd February 3rd, the morning sun after the happy lovers to spend the night on the roof.

The film impressed me, gave me great touch and inspiration.

The first revelation: accept what you can’t change, change what you can change.

The United States has an anonymous temperance Association, it is a very interesting oath: “thank God tell us some things can not be changed, thank God for giving us the power to change things, thank God allows us to distinguish these two things. “When you can’t change the environment, you have to accept it. In the movie Phil started “can not accept their stay in February 2 groundhog day. This is a fact that is full of tired of people and things around, and later paranoia by Dutch act to solve this problem, obviously he failed. If you are temporarily unable to change the environment, then accept the environment first. Only one person to accept the status quo, to move towards a new direction, and do some useless behavior, the consumption of energy, just like Phil, Dutch act to avoid problems like, than to see what you can change, to create life fun and value you want from the status quo.

If you can not change the outside world, you can change yourself, because at least you can change. When Phil accepted his situation, begin to change yourself, be helpful, kind and sincere, he surrounding environment because of his active creation has changed. When you cheap football jerseys focus on yourself and improve yourself, your life will be better. Accept what you can’t change, change what you can change, and be able to tell the difference between the two.

You can change your attitude in addition to changing your behavior. Sometimes we are not just defeated by difficulties and setbacks, but also defeated and hurt by our own attitude towards the matter. A negative attitude towards one thing often hurts our confidence and kills our morale. Faced with the same half cup of water, some people say, only half a glass of water, and some people say, there are half a cup of water. Different attitudes, different life. You can change your world by changing your attitude. I have a friend just entered the accounting line to test an accounting certificate, only to get this certificate her current job can be more stable, wages can rise. She is very hate and fear of the exam, but to recognize the importance of the exam, she decided to change their attitudes towards examination, give yourself a positive psychological suggestion, through the equal salary, from hate into love, from negative to positive for learning, at last she passed the exam, also rose the salary, which makes her a sense of achievement. Through their own efforts, won the certificate, self-confidence has thus improved a lot.

When faced with setbacks, setbacks, challenges, only have a positive way of thinking and attitude towards life, as well as optimistic spirit, in order to overcome difficulties,