When he was 40 years old You can’t succeed in being late?, he opened Look at best selling eagles jerseys a gas station. He hoped that with this gas station, over the top of the life of food.

Later, because can’t stand idle, and next to the gas station selling fried chicken. Unexpectedly, the fried chicken shop business is better than the gas station. Because fried chicken sold well, he was also awarded the “Kentucky colonel”.

See here, you must think of his life will achieve success and win recognition. This is not the truth.

In 1946, when he was 56 years old, because of the outbreak of World War II, his gas station and fried chicken shop have no business, once bankrupt has been on relief of life.

Fortunately, he did not sink, but drove his old Ford car to others to sell his fried chicken recipe, start the second venture. He was rejected 1009 times, finally got a positive response at the 1010 time, got the entrepreneurial capital.

In 1955, he set up a company at the age of 65. Today, no matter where we go, we can see the nfl jerseys free shipping thriving fried chicken shop in the business.

His name is Harlan Sanders, and his fried chicken is called KFC.

He best selling chicago bears jerseys wanted to write a book.

But he is already 50 years old, has been wanting to write the book also only to write the first ten times to return to. Later, because of busy, put it down to write a book.

Until his retirement home, was once again had the idea of writing a book, this book was officially started. This book is not smooth, but fortunately, he held a firm nba jerseys for sale belief in writing. Until he passed away, before finally completed.

When he was 82 years old, he died. His book has been handed down.

His name is Wu Chengen, and his book is called “journey to the West”.

When he was 57 years old, he sold paintings in Beijing.

His paintings are cheaper than those of ordinary artists, but few people buy them. Finally encountered a companion of Chen Shiceng, life can be improved, Chen Shiceng did not want to lose the only friend’s untimely cheap football jerseys death, he was a peer in life and get into trouble.

Fortunately, his attitude is good, it is never too old to learn, do not care about the secular, not because of their age and give up. Finally, in 1929, just arrived in Beijing shortly after Xu Beihong Huiyanshizhu, very appreciated this has been a faction of him. Since then, his paintings, the more the better, is known as the master of painting.

This year, he was 66 years old. His name is Qi Baishi.

We have heard that “where there is a will, there is a way”, but also know that in the pursuit of success on the road will not be smooth sailing. There has never been a success in the pursuit of the road, because the yield to age and give up halfway. In the minds of the success of the years, only because of their insistence and become brilliant and enjoyable.

If you give up because of their age and the future, abandon the quest to give up hope, that is tantamount to prison, short-sighted.

Because of the success, never give up any one of those very late.