I found that most you can only be bills new jerseys 2016 people are trying to do,as common as everyone in fact, is a waste of time:It takes a long time to work overtime every day that the boss is sure to notice;Buy a pile of books home, circle the key – but so far do not know what this actually used;Continue to develop new customers to visit, boduantui I tried so hard, but could not keep old customers

Here are five useful, most people mistakenly believe that the outcome is futile efforts “”. In order to get rid of the efforts for “fooling around” the nightmare, I want to tell you that you think the right thing, in fact, the greatest risk, but you should do something simple and direct.

Error one: as hard as we can

The end: the end is like everyone

I want to ask the first thought, “I was so hard……” Several problems of the people:

What are you best at?

What kind of person football jerseys online do you want to change?

Who do you want to contribute to?

No matter how important you are at hand, please stop it and concentrate on thinking about the above problems. If you have come up with the answer to these three questions, then, I hope you think about it, what do you want to do next?

People who want to succeed must have a clear goal, for example, “I want to be what kind of person”, “the future of what they should be.””. Tidy up a clear goal, all efforts are spent on the completion of this goal, at this time, you can naturally try to use the right place, which is:

Success = choice * concentration * time

Although this principle is very simple, but still often see some people always do not work hard, can not get the desired results. This is because they have done wrong in the beginning. From this we can know that the choice of the beginning is the most important.

Therefore, I suggest that those who are seriously over the head, before making a decision to do their best to fight, it is better to retain strength. After all, people’s life is limited, not too much time can be wasted. Think now, what you want to do, and what you want to do. Once the decision is made, aim at the target and authentic nfl jerseys concentrate on all the power to accomplish.

Error two: everyone is learning English, I also learn it!

The outcome: we have to learn, you are not the one

Some people do not need to work in English, but still on the cram school. Since it is not working in foreign enterprises, the work will not meet foreigners, why do you want to learn English?

Lotte Group has released news, provisions within the company as a common language English, suddenly became a topic of discussion. They are planning the layout of the global company, this approach can still be understood. But imagine, take the coffee of the mind, a group of Chinese people are not familiar with cheap football jerseys the English meeting, the scene is not very funny? I think this is in it is not suitable for the general small and medium-sized enterprises or small companies.

From another point of view, in order to present education, junior high school and high school for a total of six years, plus four years of college, at least ten years of time in school. But the reality is that few people can learn well. So after the society or to learn English, even tell myself: “this will be the English well, I want to learn from scratch.” But few people think calmly, do they really use the English language ability?

I used to say that few people in English, English is really a tool for work, but that era has passed. Now too many people in English, in such an oversupply of competition, instead of the time to get off the English, as in the need to use foreign language, the employment of professional interpreters more efficient.

Of course, if you are interested in learning a foreign language, it is very encouraging. But if you want to learn a foreign language, it is better to learn fewer people, the future can also be for their own experience points.

Compared with learning a language, the general working people should learn a lot of things. To the salesman, to learn communication skills, negotiation skills, product knowledge, etc., these are more important than learning a language.

Error three: “late again”

The outcome: gradually lose the trust of your supervisor

When the supervisor is responsible for “the job to you”, how should we react? Some people will say “good, good”, still continue to do the work at hand; some people will immediately back: “I will do it right away!” Stop the things at hand, immediately set about the work of the boss. We feel that these two individuals, who can get a higher evaluation?

Of course, the man who did it right away. However, I do not know why, most people will choose the opposite approach, that is, after the completion of their own work to deal with.

Whether to do early or late to do, since it is to do, the delay does not make sense. What’s more, doing and being late can greatly affect the impression that others have on you, that is, the other side of you. Under normal circumstances, who will be serious, responsible, do not delay the person to leave a good impression. We all know that it’s not good to be in charge of a supervisor. Therefore, it is better to think of ways to leave a good impression on their own, the future is more helpful.

May cite an example, the general staff at the time of submission of work can be broadly divided into three kinds of situations: “before the deadline to submit”, “to the deadline can not be submitted”,