2008 Beijing Without best selling vikings jerseys Olympic Games that year,it was so easy to live cousin big marriage, I presided over the wedding.Cousin and cousins is a model couple. They are high school students, talk about love to talk about eight years. When the college entrance to and cousin at the same university, cousins also repeat a year, finally admitted to the school where my cousin. After graduating from University Graduate School in Beijing, cousin, cousin went to work in Shanghai, two people in different places for three years.

Unlike many different lovers, cousin and cousins as if they had never thought about joining together the problem. What time ah ah ah in the distance can not accompany these other lovers there constitute an obstacle problem, where they don’t seem to exist, because they have no dictionary “in the concept”, and only “together”. No matter what you do, how long, as long as the situation is allowed to be together, as unalterable principles.

So a cousin graduate to find a job, get married woman back. Biaosao resigned, along with cousin living in Beijing. And soon there was the first boy. Our children at home, cousin, men tilling the farm and women weaving. After a few years, there are second children, is a daughter.

Sons and daughters, envy others.

Our children at home, opened a shop, selling baby clothes, business is good. Later, there are second little baby, no time to take care of, off the shop to take care of the family. Cousin in the oil port to work, treatment is also good, two people in Beijing have a car room, with a good neighbor, often drink together, exchange of parental. Cousin had a holiday, he took his family out on a trip. Close to go to Qinhuangdao, far away from Xiamen, this year I was in Yunnan to stay for two months, also said I would like to organize friends to go to Yunnan to play.

In short, these two men, from the model couple has become a model husband and wife. My cousin doesn’t bother with female students, female colleagues never quite distinct from each other, there is no so-called good confidante bestie. There is more, friends are cousins and friends in common in Beijing, there is no time to go blind Akira, is the largest shopping with children give their children to buy things. I recently heard that two people also intend to do poineering work together to open a restaurant, follow the prescribed order of life, thriving.

Say my cousin. My cousin is aunt, cousin aunt home, only half a year younger than me. He and his wife, is the childhood sweetheart together, junior high school, two people in love. My cousin is the kind of a muscle man, he love a person, no matter what, this person will look for hell-bent. At jerseys Free Shipping that time, he and his wife are good, the two people do not agree. My cousin was not abandon the family in their home, feel low. Cousin parents feel that the other girl had Xianpinaifu, and know that love too afraid of mental health Dutch act. The two do not agree with each other together, but two people love my cousin is half alive, are willing to bear, is short of thunder are not scattered, never wavered a moment together determination.

Third although earnestly advised, but he beat cousin, it. The woman’s family is unwilling, but because there is a lesson, if too much thought against his daughter to make what radical thing, I have no time to regret, he also acquiesced. Two people over nine years of running, in repairing the marriage room aunt home to two people, the couple tied the knot full of joy. 2009 two people get married, or I presided over the wedding.

Have a cousin wife out of the sun when the cousin wrote to her letter, I really did not expect genuine and sincere, I always learn not good cousin can write such a good hand of love. So I found that the letter is good, but sometimes it is not the style, but in sincere feelings not sincere.

Pull away.

Two people get married, often be in pairs, in the circle of friends is a couple. Cousin wife love to dress up, often the cousin dressed as handsome Guoou Han. Cousin to continue to carry forward the spirit of a bar to his wife, the wife of a growing temper. I generally can not return home a few times a jerseys factory supply year, but almost every time I go back to the largest supermarket in the snack area jerseys direct supply encountered cousin. Almost every time is exactly the same scene: he took the phone in one hand, pushing the shopping cart, all the way to go all the way according to his wife’s instructions to the shopping cart loaded snacks. A few years of marriage, they watched with blowing like fat, full fat one times. The two fat usually do not cook, often eating out, also love to drink beer, and never lose weight.

People have said that the well-being of the people fat. Love is two people together to eat into a fat man.

One of my more than and 20 years of college and a small boy in the study room at first sight. Two people talk about the romantic love of the campus, the snow in the snow took a picture so far I think it is sweet. After graduation, two people went to Beijing to find a job, rent a house to live together, and then lived a happy day. The girl while preparing the judicial examination side cook at home waiting for him to work every day, boys work diligently. Later, the woman wanted to get married, the man said no house and no money, the two people a long stalemate. Because it is small to love this man, inseparable, so the woman’s home in Beijing a ready house car. After the two married, the woman became a legal adviser, the man still do IT. living