My sophomore year, the Win the student jerseys from china morning run out online free shipping strongest of the general team outside, day after day, the track and field team coach took a fancy to my sports talent. Short sooner or later after training, I have the burden of school, took part in the 3000 metre race games. (I know, is because the girls race missing) race that day, I was in the toilet in the best of spirits, fully equipped for, before the last time, I found that I came to my aunt.

During the big aunt can not exercise this is a well-known truth, let alone 3000 meters game, that is, physical education have to escape. So I for myself, reported the male sports teacher.

Gray hair male sports teacher is sitting in the stands on the thought for a moment and said: “you go on the runway. Our school for each player to pay a deposit, absence no refund. As you go down.”

I thought it was a good idea.

The sound of the gun, except me 15 contestants are split across the general flew out, leaving me alone in jogging student jerseys Free Shipping. Don’t run 20 meters in front of the three girls, one after another fall. I turned to see their eyes, teeth and ran away, I thought the big aunt is still running, where fall where I stand up.

At first, I ran out feeling good. Stadium plastic runway bright and soft, much more comfortable than the school playground soil. Jogging, breeze, in the blue sky, green trees, a dream scene. Thinking about it, has been jogging two laps. Quicker than words can tell, do not know why, and there are two people from the track in front, look out. I looked at them and continued methodical jogging. I cherish life ah, not to the collective interests of putting yourself on the endocrine, I was so young.

Third laps, I feel pretty good oh! At this moment I feel my heart, to the price, it is estimated that the first and last time to participate in the campus will be above the level of the game, halfway out of the race too shameful. I have no love, so how to give yourself the rainy season left an indelible memory, I think, I have a small Suibu dianer jogging two ring.

At this moment, as the team’s last name, I play an extraordinary psychological quality, unhurried saw 50 metres away four girls each push, 44 fall, lift out of the runway by the referee. Ooh ooh, you said what you are? Not the first, push a what?

So slowly jerseys student factory supply running on the soft plastic runway, at this moment I have second from the bottom of the whole two laps! When the last circle, I found the problem. The woman does not know how many meters the referee is lifted the gun, all the players are ready posture! I go on a well before the end of the game!!! So I open foot and a few big horse to jump the gun near the referee, deliberately brushed by him. Only heard a slight drift of the ear: Elmar, wait a minute, there is not a run here!”

Hear this sentence, I returned to normal speed adjust just slightly impatient attitude, dignified running. To the last 100 meters, my physical strength still exists, but at this moment I think I need to have a perfect sprint, like the kind of Olympic games. Then again, the last 100 meters, I run the last 100 meters to 50 meters, full speed toward the end. In the 100 meters, I heard the sidelines suddenly erupts huge cheers and cheering, Yu Guang told me that all the audience stood up as I cry, I was boiling, for my last fight and tremor. That kind of feeling, you don’t understand, heart is particularly moved, while the heart is particularly drums, because no one knows my aunt will collapse in the 100 metres.

You see, there are 10 meters is the end, all the referees are bent to make me shout pinch table position, they are from all the school’s physical education teacher, at this moment, all with a dream to stand together, that is jerseys student online: “run back, the next group delay!”

When I really crossed the finish line, did you make it? Taking advantage of a lot of teachers hugged me, they must have thought I was exhausted, but they don’t know, I have been jogging very rhythmic. Big aunt infected a lot of people, very sentimental, and many do not know the referee’s concern and love for me. A male referee asked me excitedly:

“Students, which school you are, you look very good physical preservation, the final sprint is great! Good boy.”

I stood up and tidied the clothes and breathing, told him: “I am a dignified and powerful due to the big aunt, afraid to run.”

The PE teacher did not give up, then asked: “the classmates, you next year to participate in the competition?”

“No, I’m three years old next year.”.”

That’s all I did, the women’s 3000 city high school sports games, 15 players, 9 and I fell out of the race, the city’s sixth.

When bright red certificate and prize wash basin hair to my hand, the man 5000 meters race is in full swing, our class another alternate players in the team. I waved a shout for him. That day, he won fourth of the city’s better results,