France has a What else boise state reporter called Bodie broncos football jerseys is not, given his youth is paralysis of limbs, the only news is that his left eye can also move, although I can not speak, not active, but he was determined to complete their disease before conception in good works.

Bodi will only blink, so only through their own eye blinking and assistant communication by letter to the assistant “back” out of his mind, and then transcribed by the assistant, assistant every time according to the order of read out the common letters in French, let Bodie to choose, when she read the letter is in this letter, Bodie once said the right to. Because Bodie is relying on memory to determine whether the words, sometimes not necessarily correct, they need to check the dictionary, so every day can only record one or two pages, two people can imagine how hard work! A few months largest discount jerseys later, they finally finished the hard work, in order to write this book, a total of about two hundred thousand eye blink Bodie, this extraordinary book is 150 pages, its name is “diving suit and the butterfly”.

Shi Tiesheng twenty years old disabled legs, but he used the “pen” went the farthest road in the world; Beethoven is deaf, but created the immortal “Symphony of destiny”; Stephen. Hocking suffering from motor cell tumor, can not move can not say, but with the mind into the universe, to explore the galaxy. Black hole. Quark…… Ostrovsky paralyzed, blind, but wrote the greatest works of “how to make steel”, encourage foreign youth to join the revolution……

In this world, there are healthy limbs, clever mind of a few people, but few people have such success, and the world is the lack of their unyielding spirit and firm and indomitable perseverance, the world is always in tomorrow in the bustling about, always waiting for the chance to miss the opportunity, always in complaints in the shortage of time, in petty. Lose yourself worry about personal gains and losses…… Their success lies in not demanding conditions, not waiting for opportunities, but in doing everything possible to create conditions, take advantage of all available opportunities.

We also have many ideals and aspirations, and pursuit of the goal, can not pay the injection action, is not realized, everything will be in vain. Light reading as comfortable in front of the TV, poetry as electronic games, charming, hard as mahjong chess room comfort, we often complain about the fate of injustice, the condition is not satisfactory, because we forget in play a leading role, not just external auxiliary, their own efforts, in good condition can only be set in the face of difficulties, we often give up, so we will not lost opportunity, we have no chance of success but supply replica wholesale nhl jerseys we lack the necessary perseverance, unremittingly do not give up will reach the destination.

Perhaps through hard work we can not reach the desired destination, perhaps we can not become a writer, poet, businessman, boss…… But, as long as we experienced no regrets, difficulties we will hone and fail to make us more cherish, perseverance let us face everything is calm freely, to win without pride, and the landscape of this road is not easy to enjoy, this road is not happy to eat drink play appreciate.

One eye can book, deaf ears can play, no feet but can walk far road in the world…… How miraculous and extraordinary is this, and what is impossible for us, a sane man?

Friends, efforts to adhere to it, believe in yourself, I can do!

From a guanggansiling, to a dozen of the team, one can only spread a blanket from the office, to the bright and spacious office, I spent less than a year, maybe the scene should be like in the movie All sufferings have their reward. to blossom, but the fact is, because the good times don’t last long project selection, team management, various why, I did not realize the grass root jerseys at best discount reversal, did not achieve gorgeous, but because the pace span is too large, not only at the bifurcation of the crotch also pulled pale, again with the ground, no tears, no more frustration, no confusion, in the whole sitting day, calm the analysis of their own, to do the planning! From the ornate office and moved to his house, a dozen people from the team and to a person alone, regroup and start again, depending on the heating up list, followed, until his busy only dare to set up the team, but failed before, everything went smoothly, so they have more energy to think, to prepare for the challenges of larger projects!

Rely on their own dedication, relying on a fairly unique thinking, slowly in the industry is also a small celebrity, that period of time is also considered moist! Unfortunately, once again appear in the most proud of the good times don’t last long, on the project of infringement disputes had ended, while another has made me proud of the project, because a little not worth mentioning flaws lead customers to my rage, fortunately with no one after a good scolding it with no predecessors, completely to me wake up, although the list to do a project into one, but there is no dignity to talk to others, is at best in the wedding dress, although he actually in the eyes of others is pretentious, a slave, a kneeling slave!!!