Lumbar disease We are most concerned about recurrence, I go to see traditional Chinese the outcome of best packers jerseys to get’s life medicine. Waiting in line, around two years, about eight years old, has been chatting. Listen to the content of the conversation, it is speculated that they are old colleagues, has not seen for many years. Two old people with a touch of light, tone calm calm. I listen to the side, but it is very mixed feelings.

At first, they are talking about former colleagues, old A said last month, who go, I also went to the funeral to see, not many people. B said the old man, that who is not in the right? A few years ago I heard that he had esophageal cancer. A said, yes ah, he can be a lot of crime, the time to go, there are more than and 60 pounds, but who is good, but also a little thing in the evening did not have a heart attack at night to go, a little sin was not. B said a few days ago I still see the hospital who, he almost no cerebral hemorrhage, come to the rescue, now a hand can move, can’t talk…… I see you now the body is quite handy? A said, okay, is not a serious illness, old rheumatism. B said, I saw a few days ago in the health of the treatment of rheumatism, the secret recipe, go back to you look for, the newspaper you see, very good……

I don’t know the two old men at work, then what is the relationship, there is no grudges. But life is at this moment, all of the past have retreated, between them, between them and other colleagues, who pays more, who has something in front of the Wholesale jerseys authentic leadership, who removed the Taiwan who, who who robbed the…… Are not important, even their living and death, are not too important. Now, the only thing that makes them a little bit more heart, only who is healthier than who best eagles jerseys to buy.

Although it is the time to say what, but if we are young, it jerseys china factory is a little bit of such a mentality, life will be a lot of calm.

Remember Yu Minhong on the competition in the workplace had said that success in many ways, if I did not pay you, I told you than prospects, if my prospects no Hello, I like you more than happy, if I am not you happy, I will tell you what is not possible than health, hello I life, but I maintain a healthy body, to put you all away, then I am successful.

Ron Wayne, one of the founders of the Apple Corp, was out of the apple, to $800 in the price of 10% of the shares sold to Jobs and another shareholder, and now these stock market capitalization of about $35 billion. But Wayne does not regret, he said Jobs is “cyclone” as a workaholic, if he has been in the Apple Corp, great work intensity may cause him to die to live now.

Now, 81 year old Wayne still live well, and Jobs but as early as 56 years old, left us.

The world, of course, is to welcome Jobs such a person: the talent, Ken desperately, to create a huge value for mankind. But as our individual, “live a good life” is not another kind of success? The width and height of life is a measure of the value of life, but the length and quality of what is not it?

In fact, we see the movie, the most concerned about is the outcome of the time, who lose who win. And the outcome of our life, how to be successful? May your life all-powerful, but in the end, you lying on the bed, words can not say that the body cannot move, and you mediocre life colleagues in the park walk leisurely — at least at the moment, he is more successful than you, but at this moment, we actually care about most outcomes.

Unfortunately, not to the end, we hard to understand this truth. When young, we have successfully positioned in the narrow sense on exertion, high official positions and riches, etc. to realize one day that, the original final success, only the sound alive, want to go for a while, the body would have been in an emergency. The two old people I met in the hospital, at least to a certain extent, was successful, and they must have understood the ultimate meaning of success. So, for the colleague’s death, they just simply say “Oh”, will accept, but the newspaper health rheumatism recipe, more so that they are interested.

Wen Tianxiang had a phrase: always die, step by step. He is speaking about the national interests, and I would like cheap jerseys online to use it in the two old man. Presumably their hearts, as early as the departure of the preparation, but in the living days, they are willing to work hard to pursue the final success. Life probably only to the “from time to time to die, step by step to survive” stage, in order to understand what life is.

If we can understand these a little earlier, probably can be a little earlier, see the world puzzle.