Many years ago Three semester the 2016 china cheap nike jerseys, when usa online supply I was in college, I decided to make a plan to challenge myself: to finish the course of three semesters, and I would be able to graduate in four years. This article describes in detail the success of my goal in the process of managing all the time management skills.

In order to achieve this goal, I am determined to get 30 to 40 credits per semester, while the other students on average as long as 12 to 15 credits. Obviously, I have to arrange the time to achieve the goal. I began to read all the information I could find about time management, and learn to use it. Just three semester, I completed the goal: two science bachelor’s degree (computer science and Mathematics), and did not take part in the summer course. I slept seven to eight hours every night, I handle the daily chores (shopping, cooking and so on), to participate in social activities, exercise every morning for 30 minutes. When I completed the advanced computer and math two a total of 37 credit courses last semester, I even have a full-time job for game programmers (40 hours a week), or ACM (Association of Computing local to the vice president of Machinery). I took them to spend time together to, my conclusion is 250 hours a week. I graduated with 3.9GPA and received a special award for the best computer science students each year. One of my professors later told me that when they knew what I was doing, the selection cheap nfl jerseys for sale of the candidates for the award would be very simple.

I am not as a genius child, this is the first time that I have made such a thing. No one has ever been to me, I don’t know if anyone would have done that, and I didn’t think of anyone who encouraged me to do that. In fact, most people come out to discourage me when I tell you. I just want to do it for myself. If you want to know more about me, why would you try such a crazy thing, you might be happy to read it.

The meaning of life: Introduction

It contains the background of the whole story and the details of my motivation.

I spent a lot of time to convince dean to take my computer for extra credit, my classmates often say I cheat, or there is a twin brother, or that I was just insane (every week I hear the most is the last one, maybe there’s some truth). Most of the time I keep silent, but when asked how many credits, I will answer truthfully. I may be the only university with two students page class schedule, so if someone bully me, it is easy to prove I was telling the truth, although I rarely do so.

Tell this story, not to attract attention, not to make you wonder how I do it. I managed to achieve the goal only I used the concept of time management, many people may not know, but it has long existed in the time cheap jerseys for sale (1992-1993 years) of the books and audio programs. The time management habit formed in university is very helpful for me to start a business, so I want to share with you and hope that you feel the same value. It saves me tuition and gave me about $30000 to do business started (all my last term as a game programmer earned, mostly from royalties). OK, here is the essence of time management I know where:

Goal is the key

First of all, be clear about what you want. There was a huge banner on the wall at a taekwondo gym I was training, “your goal is to be a black belt!” It reminds each student why he / they have to go through so much hard training. When you work for yourself, it is easy to spend a whole day at the desk and accomplish nothing of value work. When you don’t know what you’re going to do, it’s going to happen. When you realize this, ask yourself, “what do I really want to do here?” You must try to be clear about your goals. Make your goals more specific, and write them out. Your goal must be clear to the extent that even a stranger can give an absolute “yes” or “no” answer to each of your goals if you understand your situation objectively. If you can’t define your goals clearly, how can you even get to know it?

I found that cheap nike jerseys for sale the definition and expansion of a clear goal of the critical period is ninety days, that is, a quarter. In that time, if you set a very clear goal, you can make a significant change. Take the time to stop, you want to write the next ninety days of your life is what. What kind of monthly income? How much weight? How about a friend? How is business? What is the relationship? What will your website look like? Write in detail. An absolutely clear description will give you a full schedule.

Just as the autopilot of an airplane must constantly modify the course, you must review your goals regularly. Each morning, re read the target you write clearly, and re engage the clear, recorded targets. Stick them on the wall, especially your financial goals. A few years ago (mid 90s), I in each room with “$5000 / month. That was my monthly income target. I keep on establishing clear income