There was a bar There will be bills new jerseys staff at leaked what to do the cafeteria who said he was boring. He asked me, “do you have a future in this way?”” I asked him, “do you have someone to teach you this job?” He replied: “which of these needs to be taught? Who will cut fruit? Fruit juice is also very simple, fool will be.” Good! I asked him: “you see every day in the fruit, you can see it coming?”

You can’t work in stupid

Some people sell fruit, sell a lifetime or keep in the small stalls selling fruit, some people can become a monthly turnover of tens of millions of fruit wholesalers, because he knows the fruit, he is also working to understand the “origin”, so he could see the “opportunities”, but also changed the mode of operation. To change your life.

Therefore, you also do this job, you are stupid or absent-minded, every day in the study of this matter in depth?”

When the boss asks you to work tired not tired, you can tell him: “boss, today the fruit is not good, you change the purchase business?” When colleagues instead jerseys different color of your work, you can tell him by the teacher’s tone: “cut an apple to ten seconds to fifteen seconds to cut a pineapple, cut ten minutes when the hands shake, standing thirty minutes, feet will be numb.” He would be surprised: “how do you know!” This is a successful work attitude, no matter can do anything “recording and analysis”, but not stupid!

The same starting point, some of the first to the end of the

I used to know a small clothing store clerk, her colleagues are doing a few months left, the reasons are the same, that is “the dull as ditch water to work in a small company, small in the future what do?” Only she does, when she works, she constantly thinking about every customer’s consumer habits and psychology, and record the analysis of what kind of goods are relatively good to sell.

When I was at work for a year, a regular customer said to her, “I’ve always appreciated your work attitude! I want to open a clothing store, you come to help me, I will jerseys different size give you the manager, and give you free.” In this way, the little shop man began to walk into her another person.

Later her boss opened a store, please she served as manager of the sales department, no longer personally taking care of the shop, and often go abroad, when she was forty years old, she is the general manager of a clothing company performance billion yuan.

I heard that her former colleagues, also in the clothing store as a clerk, why stand in the same starting point, the fate will be different? Do you see the “key”?

How strong your determination to succeed

Like in the electronics factory, why can Terry Gou from the factory into the richest man in Taiwan? Some people do half shouted, this industry can not do, and then waiting for the loss, when he closed the factory, he said, he said, I have already said that this industry can not do”. Cut! So you had to think of a good “failure of the excuse”?

Recently, people often say: “the food and beverage industry can not do, because more and more difficult to find a waiter.” Because all run to the “Wang Pin group cheap jerseys online”! Food and beverage industry is not can not do it? Why business is getting better and better, they can, why can’t you? Don’t you review your ability to have a problem?

Why do some people cut the fruit to be able to become the fruit carving master? Because of his research, he has read study, he felt to have a goal, not the same as anyone else, so he’s got the willpower, then began to put into action, finally succeeded.

Don’t complain about what they do, that is to look at your job to hold what kind of attitude determination, and you want to win a “strong!