This is my mom used there brisbane broncos to say that whenever ladies jerseys is a way out I face difficulties and when there is fear, my mother would use this sentence to encourage me, this is really encouraging runaway rhythm. Many people have the same confusion and Tucao, such as in his small hometown how depressed, feel the life to live, how their work is not satisfied, do not know what to leave or go back up. You ask me, I do not know how you should choose, life is only their own, who can not do what you choose, because no one can guarantee that your future road will no longer have any confusion.

I have an acquaintance with me courier, I worked with him before the company for three years. In the beginning of cooperation, he is responsible for collection and delivery, when I moved him to help me arrange two times the van, sometimes he will send me back to my home in the plug on the way when his three jump goods. He often told me in his hometown in rural farming life, and before the process concerns and parents in human village he portrayed terrible city people in the world. At that time he, wages are not high, hard work, his wife was pregnant, the child was about to be born, living in a very suburban areas of Beijing. There must be a lot of people who authentic nfl jerseys want to say, “what’s this thing going on in Beijing?!” But he has a good mood every day, even if I express delivery also cheerful deviation. One day he suddenly handed me a bunch of other companies express me: “Zhao Jie, I opened a courier company, you can see I use my home bar.” I was a little stunned, there is a “Wow, a good boss, today can jump three with me?” Emotion. Then I rarely saw him coming. I thought his kid was on vacation. And then, I can only see the list can not see him. One day I asked about their company’s small courier, the young man said the boss went to Shanghai, opened a new company in Shanghai. I was worried and asked him: “I wipe, the Shanghai market is fierce? How to stop new express ah!” The boy smiled said: “our boss will certainly have a way! He’s been there for months. It’s said to be a good job!” “The wife and children! The child is not just survived very small?” “Past, go to Shanghai together!”

That moment, I looked back at all sad eyes sitting in the office of the colleague, and raised the curtain of black mobile phone glanced at my own face, a people do not split the storm breath rising. Is not to say that all jobs are out of the company before the bull, staring at the screen is staying force, I want to say, courage, change their courage.

We all feel more introverted, more and more people, do not want to speak, not to let people see, more lonely, that spawned a new environment, I could not get along this character so stay can also endure even “thoughts and feelings. Instead of saying that he is autistic, lazy, safe area don’t want to break their own small circle finally built up. Work hard can not bear to think of the new environment have to make good understanding of people and nfl jerseys for sale several incompatible work before three months must die to do even, the life that the environment is not good for the big city and dwelling in their youth to see Beijing can only live in a single room that is how to live so forget it, want to think more bitter Xixi every day PS forced purchase goods to make good to want to fight it or forget to open a Taobao shop. So we all live in the envy of others envy and Tucao complain that life is not successful, had just graduated from people living with 30.

A few days ago to see “refuse to mediocrity” to see a sentence: a lot of time why we envy the success of others? It is precisely because it is not easy to do one thing and do not want to do, and then to their own laziness and incompetence anger, can only rely on jealousy and slander to balance. Oh, my little heart was shy.

In fact, go out is not necessarily go where to go, but more emphasis on changing their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Some people ask me that you often say insist, run out every day how to insist. In fact, want to insist on is a kind of belief, rather than a place, if you find a place for you to live very hard, particularly stuck work, in addition to Tucao depression and no other ideas, it should consider going out. As the lyrics say: “the dream fails, then change a dream.” Can not say that the future is outside you quickly go out is a big cake, but surely you will meet new people and new opportunities nike largest discount jerseys, and even set up the second personality make only superficial changes a chance.

For example, many people feel that a company can not do, is not their ability to have a problem? So that the inferiority complex. A few days ago to recommend headhunter, incidentally one of the boys was fired by the company, so you have to be careful, where is the bane, don’t flow down. Headhunting smiled and said: “the workplace is inappropriate, there are many possibilities and interference factors, not just ability, who said he did not work here, to other places can not do?” Think about it, this is really the case, the workplace can always see in one place does not stay and another place a person. Sometimes going out is not just finding new opportunities, it’s more important to find the right place for yourself.