For the most part of There are nfl jerseys china my life, apart from being at supply wholesale percent of the possible home with my lover. When I work, with the leadership and the original table for a long time, my leadership is the generation by the “young” influence, to really go past the underworld, his pet phrase is the lines in the movie “do have a fifty percent chance, do not have completely,

of course in front of my pet phrase became” you don’t Study hard, black society have been unable to interview.” Most of the time, looking at him, you will find it very inspirational, the age of the baby, although the mortgage is not finished, but also a house. Although still reading but also regarded as a senior intellectuals, in the city, may not be typical, but it is also a model for the inspirational.

I remember once, we do not know what hit by the office of young cynic, we struggle up again how rich two generations, balabala. was he guided the furore. The leader just bowed his head and asked me what I had for lunch. At lunch time, I asked him if they were telling the truth, and we couldn’t keep up with the rich two generations. He lifted his head from the side of the bowl, do not listen to advice, he said that he could never tried, you want to find the proposal would have done, not necessarily for success, but also get done. If you can’t tell who to listen to, try it yourself. Tried to know, do not try to give up, when you see someone else’s success, you can only say that I did not want to do that……

I’ve been influenced by him since I came here. For example, when I was not in love, I always put my mind elsewhere. He told me about it, I said, you see you are not handsome rich, is not looking for a sister so jerseys at nfl best discount good woman. He told me that I am a man, you see her outstanding is not to marry me, her classmates are single good. You do not worry, go back to the election is the rest of the people I said I will not fall in love with someone else in a piece do not know what to say. He said you don’t know how to find a boyfriend in the office every day.

I’m looking for a part-time job, to press for marketing editing, because there is no experience very hesitant, tangled for a long time, and finally he said, not what you don’t know, tangled now, try not to simply achievement, achievement. Then listen to his try, and later when I happily in the office when writing the program, he jokingly said to me, you see me you for the job.

Later when the bean friend asked me for my opinion, I would suggest they try more, actually a lot of things I don’t understand, but I always think that do have a fifty percent chance, do not completely. We want to do a thing, always facing many difficulties, some need to make an effort to solve some, you can only accept, but we can only do listen to the fate of the personnel. If the personnel are not done, give up, and so many years later, I would not regret it. I used to have a lot of dreams. Dream of becoming a policeman, dreaming of becoming a lawyer, dreaming of becoming a scientist. When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a cool person, doing a cool job. Grow up some, found that he is not that piece of material, or when a good man. Grow up a little, found in a sense to be a good person, than a scientist to be more difficult. Later, I would like to do a warm person, so that a child can not let people hate it. And then, it’s up to now.

Last year, I was still not the same city, with the mood is not the same as now, carrying a bag is not the same as now. Whether you believe it or not, the change has already taken place. You are now listening to the song, see the book, go to the city, contact person; you are now struggling, tangled, misery, pain, will slowly accumulate to form you will become the future, will slowly become what you want in the future.

When forced to ask yourself why they will now have such a life, you will find that everything is your own choice. From the very beginning is your own choice, from the very beginning you actually know, you choose this road will be so hard to do so. You’ll see. from the beginning, if you do not do these things you will regret the death, even if the consequences are covered all cheap authentic nfl jerseys over with cuts and bruises. So don’t complain, don’t be sad, stand up, don’t surrender. Stand up, even if you live in such an awkward age. Stand up, not for anything else, just because you have the courage to make a choice, we must bear the consequences of their own.

Today, I saw someone reply on my micro-blog: “we still have 2013 ah.” Could not help but think before the end of the world pass when I have raise a Babel of criticism of the brain, had the end of the world situation.

There’s no end, no miracle. You still go to work regularly every day, squeezing the subway never punctual jerseys nfl
top quality. Trapped in a pool of stagnant water in life, become the kind of people who do not love. You look forward to the end of the day, to find an excuse to escape. Don’t be silly, do not like now, only to change, only to act immediately, because this thing only you can do, you have no excuse, only you can find the exit.