Anna Burch is 97 years old this year, she is a native of Minnesota Master, this week will be the first time she came to the scene to watch the Minnesota Vikings game against Houston in Dezhou.

In August this year, Anna had come to the new home court Viking visit, but she did not think that they have the opportunity to watch the scene, she was reportedly invited to watch the battle scene, on the day of the match from her 97 birthday only 11 days.

So that the evening was determined to do 5 points before the completion of the Internet cafes to fight a few seats together, a simple sleep for more than two hours, to 8 points with red and red eye to go to work.

Anna said in an interview: “at first I thought they were joking, is really incredible, when my grandson told me all this, I don’t know how to describe it, it is probably the dream.”

Remember just out of school, went to Shanghai to see the society was in a network optimization work, first contact, but also all day long hair, 2000 yuan a month’s income in Shanghai too tight Baba, to provide accommodation.

7 people crowded in a small house 20 square meters, wholesale nfl jerseys when I remember like two people crowded into a dorm bed, although it is very hot, but the heart is very excited.

In fact, Anna is after his son started playing football as a NFL fan, when the Vikings came to Minnesota in 1961 after she became a Vikings fan, she said she is the most love tarkenton flange – Vikings player.

We praised the support of the Vikings behavior that is a reflection of the spirit of sports!