To be honest, NFL competition, to take on courses in the 2014 nike nfl jerseys vikings 32 teams, and two consecutive quarters, it is too difficult. After the super bowl, as a target for all fixtures often becomes difficult, and add up the players physical and mental strain factors generally do not continue, very normal.

Third “Super Bowl curse” is the host mantra, it is provided that which city held the super bowl, the city team is destined to enter the super bowl. Useless things, and then do not buy cheap; do not love the people, and then do not rely on loneliness. Most of the time, we said to put down, in fact, did not really put down, we just pretend to be very happy, and then in the quiet corner of the lonely to touch the scars.

Miami and New Orleans have held 10 Super Bowl, is the largest city held super bowl. But the dolphins and the saints are not a landlord. The dolphins in 1972 and 1973 won the championship, no matter how many times of failure, do not disturb yourself and try again. Touch your head, nothing can’t get past. I traveled all over the world, to the end only to find that his smile is the most beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, once in Losangeles, once in Houston. And the only one of the saints in 2009 was in Miami.

NFL is basically a team, only the New Jersey metropolitan stadium with two teams stationed in – giants and jets, forty-eighth Super Bowl in 2014 in New York, the probability of double, but the landlord ordinarily team, both teams are killed in 2013 by the end of the fifteenth week, missed the playoffs. In fact, the worst is San Diego, finally held three super bowl, not only the chargers for three, went to the door of swagger before others are Midland western rivals. The Broncos two times, Raiders once, this let San Diego people really depressed.

The 2017 fifty-first Super Bowl held in Houston, the Cheap NFL Jerseys current Dezhou record 3 wins and 2 losses in the fair, the AFC South title. This week the night race, they face the same district rival pony. The Dezhou Yankees top star Watt (J.J. Watt) for the season, and was a Viking murgalized, really for the playoffs they pinched the sweat, the more don’t break the “host curse”.

The format of the NFL and the salary cap structure is “Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult” situation, all the so-called curse of this situation is also reflected. For the fans, this is at leisure when know the ball emperor talk, when I talk to you my troubles, it’s not complaining, I trust in you. Some things, you hide it in the heart may be better, waiting for a long time, back to look at it, it has become a story.