That is an unforgettable The road has broncos away jerseys recollection,2016 faith and dignity alive if you can persist to see finally, knew this answer is not the soul Fxxking chicken soup! Just an ordinary story. At that time working in a foreign company, wages 4500 (after tax? What’s a joke?! Of course, before tax) along with 3 other people flat-share house, I flat-share and another sister one, the other two were occupied by two men. I clearly remember, two of us rent is 1500, another two people rent is 800 per person (yourself how many money, utilities and heating costs or we split!).

At that time the most enviable career is not senior white-collar workers, but the landlord of Beijing (do not spray! Note that not all Beijing people here. Every quarter of a time, will drive a small car around the house to house rental (hydropower have a problem but can not find people), then after three months of living expenses on hand. They lift cage birds, bosom Chuai grasshopper, hand rubbed walnut, serious occupation is a dove bet stone, but they have a house, this is enough.

I particularly deep impression is a female colleague at the time, is the demolition of the two generation, we asked her, “you home so much room to work hard, why blame,” she said one sentence: I visit the doomed I to cheap authentic nfl jerseys work is to find a thing to do, can not do beauty every day. And so on。 Although the salary is very low, but I had to remove the necessary transportation costs, rent, meals, shopping and other expenses, even monthly balances. During the 2008 Olympic Games, I raised my first dog in Beijing, the name is also very wonderful, called Dollar, happened that year, the dollar depreciated.

I can get to the company at 8:30 every day (9 to), has never been late; every day I sit Beijing’s blocking of 7XX and 300, and learned a Impenetrable Defence cocoon of Kung Fu, every time I transformed the flash turn maneuvers in the crowd, casually (note the cow X with confidence words) you know what a few people swept away the next station to the next, which is never under (always sitting in the old and sick pregnant seat, angry!).

My summer car often flashed by the car have a splash of mud, always stare at the car for a few minutes, it is then learned Beijing curse. To a flat on the ground, worn leather sandals clapping sound, walking in the aunt just grazed on the floor tiles are particularly feel shy. Winter is cold eye red, without any feeling to the company within half an hour, the cold forehead, sitting in the toilet, ass can feel intimate warmth.

I and my colleagues with a meal every day, although only simple dishes simple ingredients simple taste. We share food and cooking, sharing the crowded bus subway fun and skills (especially the skills) often say awfully.

One weekend, I will have got up early and tour pal (4 point 5 point thing), set in Deshengmen, sit for several hours by bus to the Beijing jerseys nfl china for promotion suburbs to climb through each runaway zipper, evening dinner drink ah ah, ah ah, bragging, nonsense, everyone seems to be the ideal of life favorite topic.

I never think about why I want to come to Beijing, stay in Beijing, the boss of a simple compliment I can do with a few nights, when old employees go will laugh at me, look at me staring at a computer idiot look, meet face.

I think I have the world’s best boss and colleagues at the time, she / they affected my life; when we are sincere, self willed, flashing light, just some light is invisible to the naked eye, but to look at carefully. In fact, I never deliberately save money, but money really enough flowers, I really happy, really simple.

Remember in 2009 I bought the first car is a second-hand car (in fact, it should be called the three hand four hand car or car, because I’m in the car this can’t see it I was the owner), Confidante color KIA maxima, the 04 model year, when I took it from the original owner the key to happiness, I almost cried (don’t cry), because the moment I feel my magic into the city in general.

I treat it like my family, although it is no longer fashionable, no longer have the shiny paint and white trim, quietly into a piece of my heart the most soft sensation, even if I changed the car is no longer too.

Time to go forward, 5 years later, many of my ideas are not as simple as that time, seemingly gradually see through the world, treat this society always feel helpless, perhaps more powerless.

Now every day I go to work at 10, or sleep, or will often traffic jam as an excuse to late (this is really not ah, the pro); previous fantasy have their own kitchen now I never take a meal before the car has its own fantasy; but I did not at that time the weekend bus subway the fun and adhere to the tour pal; I have bought second cars nfl jerseys top quality, have their own housing (although it is not entirely belong to me several times before), the monthly wages, but every month stretched, struggling to cope with a lot less happy, some people say it is mature.

Imperceptibly wrote a lot, may be recalled, or may be a resonance, return to this topic, 5000 dollars is not a standard nor a limit, change your own needs is the real standards and limits. Of course, the reference is yours.