North American time on October 10th at 17:00 PM, NFL fifth weeks of the regular season Monday night race in two countries supporting South with the team, currently three defeats and one win the Carolina Panthers in the home court, to meet with one win and three losses of the Tampa Bay buccaneers. The Carolina quarterback cam – Newton injury, the Buccaneers had a chance to finish six straight against the Panthers on the road.

The Vikings first possession, lost the2014 nike nfl jerseys Panthers main running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims of the Vikings chose to give the ball to the bench running back two Jia – Rodgers, the main road attack. Then Jackson received wide receiver Vincent four Wei Jie, Meese – Winston pass for 17 yards, followed by rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo hit a 35 yard free kick, pirates 3:0 opener. Then the two sides alternately abandoned kick.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Panthers had to punt on the free kick out of range. Three out of Tampa Bay, but the Panthers return hand Ted Jean off the ball under the interference in the team, the Vikings ball right back in the other half the 30 yard line. Try to play hand Aguayo a 33 yard free kick, the ball hit the right post after a partial. This is the two round of the show this season playing third mistake kick. The Panthers quarterback Derek Anderson’s Cross was destroyed, linebacker Daryl Smith steals the ball. Aguayo hit the 35 yard free kick, the pirates team leading 6:0. The first half of the last 42 seconds, the number of long code ball tight end Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin took over, the Panthers forward to the pirates half, but kicker Graham GANO 43 yard free kick. The first half, the Tampa Bay occupy most of the time the ball, but they only lead 6:0 panthers.

The second half began, the Panthers advanced attack, Derek – Anderson pass continuously find Greg – Olsen, respectively, 34 and 21 yards forward. Came to the score line, four stalls and 1 yards, the Panthers running back Cameron Attis Payne 1 yards rushing touchdowns, Carolina 7:6 counter ultra score. Pirates third out; then the Panthers also had four stalls in the punt, but pirates SWAT blown malicious collision punter foul, Carolina won the first attack. Greg – Olsen scored the ball 33 yards, Cameron Payne, Attis 12 yards rushing touchdown, the game was 14:6. Exchange the ball, Winston passes in a row, tight end Cameron Bret49ers football jerseys kids ball 38 yards wide receiver Mike Evans 26 yard touchdown catch, Adam – Henry Vries ball two yards to complete the two-point conversion, pirates 14:14 equalizer.

After each third out. The game in the fourth quarter, Derek Anderson rushed out of pocket, defensive end Lambert Derwent forced Anderson off the ball, William picked up the ball Geersidun. To regain the ball after the pirates once again out of gear. This time, the offensive team Panthers scored the next big size; to score line one yard line, the quarterback Anderson pass was cornerback Brent Grimes in the end zone in steals. The way forward to the Carolina Pirates half, Aguayo 46 yard free kick in. The two teams continue to waste scoring opportunities. The Panthers out of gear. The fourth game in the last two minutes, pirates the way forward, came to the Panthers half. Before the end of the game, Aguayo 38 yard free kick hit! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-14 winning the Carolina Panthers, the Panthers defeated the end of six.