The general manager of the Denver Broncos John elvy to swat coach Joe – Decca milis became the 2014 nfl jerseys oakland raiders interim head coach of the Denver broncos. And the current coach Gary Kubiak this week lost to the Atlanta falcons game, was diagnosed with severe migraine, this also let the United States will miss the time this Thursday at the team against the San Diego lightning game.

And in the Atlanta falcons game, Kubiak appeared more serious symptoms of the flu, so he is just to stay in the hospital for observation, the doctors to check after diagnosed as caused by the body too hard debilitating migraines, but now all love Kuang Zhengchang. According to media reports, Kubiak will return to the team next Monday.

Injured in preseason the 2014 Nike Nfl Jerseys Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo will return, so the Cowboys quarterback fight is better, while the old one is vigorous young exploits. But Cowboys boss Jerry Jones says he is healthy as long as Romo, cowboy definitely the first person, is the team’s number one quarterback.

The jet is now the starting quarterback Ryan Fitz Patrick, he in the offseason just jet continued on a contract to $12 million. But in the past 2 weeks he had a total of 9 cut off, even in the game against the Kansas chiefs in the single field sent a 6 cut. But this week he had not been steals, because in order to keep the starter, he lost to Pittsburgh Steelers game as far as possible on Sunday. He surrendered the 38 pass 25, the outgoing 255 yards, and a pass to the array, the first time has not been cut off.