A soft is my undergraduate Ten years bills new jerseys students,madden of dream who come from the countryside, tall, long hair, smiling eyes are very charming. I grew up in the city, at first, and she did not have any common topic. When talking to her celebrity gossip, she is always the first place to nod to agree, then hand over his mouth, secretly asked: “but…… Who the hell is he?” Chat with her future dream to travel around the world, she was always envious of watching and supported, like a little girl through the windows, see an expensive wedding, love, but know clearly that does not belong to her.

Finally one day, a soft eyes firmly said to me: “in the future after graduation, I want to go to Shanghai to travel, I want to be an interpreter.” My mouth was very incredible, asked her: “do you know how hard it is to have the interpretation? And you…… Actually want to go to Shanghai?” In fact, at that time, I would like to ask: do you know how high the cost of living in Shanghai? How hard is it? How intense is the competition? How much does it cost to realize the dream?…… However, my question did not ask, did not dare to ask out, because of fear of fighting her self-confidence and enthusiasm. A’rou listened to my question, actually very hearty laugh: “of course I know, but still want to try. I start saving now, save 3000 dollars, go to Shanghai after graduation!” My heart for her to worry about: a rural girl alone to go to Shanghai to work hard, only with 3000, can persist in a month?

Later in the few years, rarely heard of the Arab League to mention the matter to Shanghai. I guess she might just say. After graduation for a long time without a soft contact, one day, suddenly think of her to send text messages to her about the status quo, she soon returned, just a few words: “now in Shanghai!” When I saw this word, I was shocked…… She is not say.

Later A’rou told me that she had graduated from a temporary interpreter, to foreign and press done translation, although often think that work is not satisfactory, but she always toward the goal interpreter. She said that she would like to put the dream of the country’s “five years plan” to operate as relentless. See her information, I can imagine she was making these jerseys different size words face gritty expressions. Although there is a “soft” in the name, a soft but never weak. On the contrary, even if the background is ordinary, the starting point is low, she also has to fulfill their commitments with perseverance and patience.

After that, we always keep in touch, I always see a soft message from time to time:

“The next month to test interpretation certificate, is really nervous!”

“Oh, not tested, but never mind, half a year later again!”

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but I will try again!”

“Failed again, you said I was not born stupid, but I really want to do the interpreter, if we give up, then I may regret it, can only try once again.”

A recent and a soft touch, she has won the advanced interpretation jerseys different color certificate, made her dream interpreter in a foreign trade company in Shanghai financial. Although the Arab League occasionally complain about the work pressure, overtime, etc., but I can clearly feel the joy of her voice. A kind of soft in the dream of the University, where she kept trying and almost silly stick, the perfect realization of the. From the beginning to now save 3000 piece of senior interpreter, A’rou spent 10 years full time.

In the “post flash family” (for work such as photography) and “liquid cheap jerseys online group” (always want to quit, but this moment to do A work, B work to do the next moment) the modern workplace quietly rife, people move more and more frequent, many graduates of the first job is tough even half a year.

We can not wait for the arrival of the age of 30 on the line all over the world, all walks of life. So, different work for one after another, as if by frequent job hopping, lucky their own will be able to find a task lighter, faster promotion, higher salaries, the golden rice bowl”. But the fact is, we want to do more and more things, can do less and less; more and more sense of anxiety, practical sense of less and less. In the end, they found themselves as ever when entering the workplace so ignorant.

To adhere to the life of each stage of the mission to be completed, and then safely to the next stage. I hope every one of us can follow the most simple truth: the simple things to do lasting, and has been on the road”!