You know, Bennet Matra’s performance in the game.

The United States Sunday, new England patriots 31 to 13 victory over Cleveland Brown, Bennet admitted that he was a super hero Luke and Cage feel the same, because a few weeks ago he is still in the ankle injury.

He told reporters: “they asked me: do I need a cart for a week before I looked very weak, so I looked at Cage’s drama, you know he is bulletproof, so I think if Cage is what will he do?

He would stand up and continue to fight, so I got up and ran to the court, and I didn’t know what had happened.

The game Bennet finished three receiving touchdowns, nfl jerseys china for the Patriots fans he is their super hero.

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Let’s cheer for Bennet with the Patriots fans, this is a hero. His deeds will infect countless sports fans!

Alliance will award him the best sports hero, which is the highest honor awarded by the league, a symbol of the peak of a player’s life! Long live the new England, long live the campaign, long live the patriot!