When I was in college Success is the broncos, karma to learning brown jerseys sum of all efforts calligraphy with a Masters in calligraphy. The students are a little to improve the repair, only I never touched, had to learn from the most simple “Yongzi eight method”.

Discussion the students I have not put in the mouth, they say what “Ming Shi book” and “book” and “ah, what happened between” and “the old for the new” ah, what “dragon dance Tianmen”, “tiger lying Feng Que” ah, I don’t understand. I know they all mingtie even see are not seen.

Let the master “ritual monument”, I thought of a few days, or the right way. One of my classmates could not stand up, grabbed the pen, wrist rotation, several fresh elegance and solemn detached word Yueranzhishang, even the novice can see, he writes extremely lifelike. He told me of Han Li, in the “ritual” as a model, on this post to use a pen to “pen”, I also used “round pen, pen force note writing, should pay attention to the seriousness of the line of the strong contrast……

They come out of this, just make me feel inferior.

I hung my head and said I confused, I said I did not start their high, nor do they have a good understanding, strive for such a long time without what effect, may never have been unable to match.

Master said, I tell you my story.

When I was a child, began to learn calligraphy, with me to learn a lot of children of the same age, I was the most optimistic about the teacher. Other children Pro a word, pro several times is like jerseys supply center, and I can not, pro dozens of times are not like. Have the teacher often pen to poke my head, said my clumsy as an ox. There are several good talent students, follow the teacher learned a few months can win a prize in the small game, and I’m still tangle how to make the center line. I followed the teacher for a few years, even if a stroke has not been praised by the teacher. I know I have no talent, savvy is not good, but day after day to do more efforts. One day, I suddenly found that the former couldn’t understand the problem, immediately click into place, before not written strokes, can also write to. I understand that the original efforts to a certain extent will have a qualitative change. I then training hard, after I became famous, I turned to look at their own way, those who have far to go in front of the person, not give up halfway, is silent.

The master finally said, “why am I, not the gifted jerseys top quality ones, standing in my present position? I have thought for a long time, although I am talent, understanding are not as good as people, but I have a few years of perseverance, there are days and months multiplying efforts. This just understood: success depends not only on talent, savvy, it is the sum of all efforts.”

Is success the sum of all efforts? I constantly thinking about this sentence, began to adjust their mentality, the effort a little superimposed.

Slowly, I began the calligraphy in the local famous, attracted many parents sent their children to learn calligraphy with me. For each child, before learning calligraphy, I told them the story of the master. I want them to know, on the road of life, sometimes leading or lagging behind are not too concerned about, because success is the sum of all the effort, not in a short duration of time between.

The leaders at the kids talked a lot about Mandarin cliches, when a small test forming in my mind: let them choose to go to the Department, not to write a written, three, the phone can communicate with parents, give them 20 minutes to think, they directly communicate with each other in the conference room, if you want to get the guidance, can go to the corridor, to their parents or relatives call.

The result is about ten children also clearly write the Department name, the position is quite good, there is general scribble, some departments are in the mind of their own, or probably know what is the nature of the work, but cannot say exactly the name of the Department, he built a few writing is to write the money the loan words like, this is their four years of university financial professional, economic and professional.

Then, of course, is in accordance with the bank’s internship process, to tell them how great the bank, how promising, how…

When I took them to recommend the Department of a small piece of paper, there is such a discovery: can accurately write the banking sector more than a dozen children, mostly home organs, and business; rural children can have a precise write, ask the reason is their own have a relative work in the industrial and Commercial Bank of China; intellectual family the children are what the administrative cheap authentic nhl jerseys management, what, what is the relationship between the back office, and never outreach business; business children want to practice the customer manager assistant in the family; parents do most to organs. Really interesting, bit by bit to see their character, little by little to see their choice.

When after the meeting, the vice president told me that this line will probably recruit 15 graduates, the relationship between the various aspects of the need to deal with, this group of children, can only choose excellent leaves two or three, let us responsible for carefully screened it, in the end, as the main basis of the employment units.