Many times, success Success in doesn’t have to be a big deal.bills jerseys cheap one minute You just try to do a little bit, even if only one minute ahead of time, you can walk in front of others, to get success.

I have a friend working in Shenzhen, delivered in a fast-food restaurant, every time he gave the customer service, abide by a principle, set in accordance with the customer’s time, one minute to advance, never late.

Once, suddenly began to rain outside, the road in many places water, he rode a motorcycle to the city after a very difficult path, appeared to be late, so he decided to put the motorcycle parked in the street, and stopped a taxi, arrived at the site in advance. When he was carrying lunch, hurriedly rushed upstairs, everyone was stunned, who did not think of the bad weather, he is also able to fast food to advance. He made a box of fast food, sent a total of eleven boxes of fast food, ten dollars to deduct the cost of playing, this trip he made only a dollar, but has won the respect and trust of customers.

Fast food restaurants to make a lot of calls to order take out, is the point of his name, asked him to send. The manager is very puzzled, an ordinary migrant workers, is to rely on what to get so many people trust. His reason is very simple: “now the office of white-collar workers, are fast-paced work, who are not willing to wait jerseys different size for one minute, I should be on time to allow them to eat a set of fast food.” The truth is so simple, to compliance with the credit.

Later, after many years of hard work, he finally owned his own business in Shenzhen, opened a real estate agency, the company has a provision: and customer negotiations must be one minute ahead of schedule. It is also because of a minute ahead of time, so that the humble little company, get more opportunities, have a large number of customer base.

Only to comply with the time, there is a credit, in order to win the market. One minute ahead of him with the most simple truth, defeated his rivals, enabled him to have a place to live in the fierce competition in the metropolis. Now he is worth millions of big boss, but whether it is business or work, time is a minute ahead of the scene.

One minute ahead, and be consistent and be consistent. One minute ahead of the sincere,cheap jerseys online although insignificant, but let us go to success.

The happiest thing in the world is not having money, status, cause, but have a dream. Why was nothing, only some seemingly boundless dreams, but the most happy?

To dream of a book it, seriously to write your name. Do regular. 5 years or 10 years worth mentioning. Do not be anxious, do not demand. Money in the bank, no matter how devaluation, also won’t be less than the original number. Once you get in, there will be interest. The current interest rate is too small, to be tolerant.

Do not have to enter a password, there is no need to worry about other people taking your dream. It’s safe and safe to lie in. The world is changing, however, it still remember you.

Dream more, just in your book filled with your dream jerseys different color closely.

With the dream of the passbook, the next thing is to deliver it one by one. This is one of the most interesting and happy things. No matter how long, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, or even a lifetime, one to honor them. Of course, the more difficult to honor the dream, the more valuable. The more difficult to fulfill the dream, the more one step at a time, to persevere, to Dripping water wears through a stone.

Of course, not to honor the dream is still a dream, it also makes you happy, there is a dream of a dream.

No matter what age you are in, give you the dream to do a fine book, when it is not too late.