There are young people spend the lack of who ask, are you tired of life?To bengals gresham jerseys’s low tide period tell the truth, I am a pessimistic attitude to life from the nature of man, but of life, basically had no boredom. This seems to be contradictory poles down in. Perhaps because of young age, when the perception of the world is chaotic, I was unprepared arrived at five thousand meters above sea level in the northern Tibetan plateau. Be caught off guard experienced great soul, fear, sorrow. Put down, there are for anyone tired.

In the face of the vicious Alpine glacier snow mountain inexhaustible, you jerseys Free Shipping cannot resist people how small, how lonely life is this pair of iron collar. You have one thousand possibilities will die, such as avalanche, such as cliff, such as high altitude pulmonary edema, such as acute heart failure, such as death on the battlefield, such as accident gunshot wounds…… But you are suffering in the crevice, still alive. And, as long as you do not intend to immediately end their own, you have to continue to live.

Timid miserable and gloomy atmosphere of life, happiness is to live jerseys factory supply in the best of spirits high. I figured that balance, feel or take a life more appropriate. Not only is self feeling a little happy, but also to others (at least their parents) is also more peaceful. Just as too violent for chickenpox, similar diseases have antibodies, from then on, the general will not be able to knock me down. I understand the core of daily life, in fact, is how to treat each person only this time of life. If you cherish life, you don’t have to be tired of life because of a little trouble. Because Nishajuxia not perfect life, is the original material consisting of a precious life.

He asked again, do you have any doubts or despair about bengals game jerseys your ability?

I am a “pan to” theory, that everyone will have their own unique jerseys different color talents, in favor of Li Bai said, “I am born to be useful”. Just what is this ability, no prior to our work, we in the dark. I do not necessarily know, family and friends may not be clear, all by carefully looking for luck. Some people may suddenly find; some people consuming a lifetime; others, simply not the end of life in the grope in the dark.

The rapid development of modern science and technology, to provide us with more and more areas to display their talents. For example, love music, love writing…… Are more traditional projects; love computers, love of genetic engineering…… It is a new field developed in recent years. Sometimes think, is good at manipulating computer ability, must exist before quietly, but there is no such object, such ability has the potential to do, must put something else. If he is going to learn to draw, skills is not necessarily high, it is very painful, feel that they do not become a success. If Mr. Bill Gate grew up in the Tang Dynasty, he would have been blind for a whole generation. So, in order to find is a very difficult and important project, do not regard as unimportant.

People usually think of as a hobby can, in general, with the two probability is very high, but not so perfectly cloned sheep. Love this thing, sometimes very confused. It will also try by the way, cause infinite harm to people. Sometimes you just love the things that you do not have the expertise, just like the patient’s love of health, short and long to grow the same. Because do not have, therefore, more love obsessed, persistent. I judge people on their talents, have deep suspicion and even despair, many abortioned was born in this “hobby” improper maelstrom. Therefore, before the big doubt and despair, may wish to calm down, calm and objective analysis, to examine their ability, really projection where. Evaluation of moment, best to safely sleep, woke up at midnight, when All sounds are still. and money, abandon secular shadow, purely from the human nature of thought is full of happiness.

Why do we have to emphasize the full of happiness to think about it? I think that the real order to fully develop the soil, it should be the source of our happiness.

His last question is, how do you spend your life?

Wait quietly. Go to sleep, like a sleeping bear. Exercise is Wholesale jerseys authentic a deeper slump under no matter or welcome climax, good physique are used. And friends chat, basically don’t complain, mainly is the happy memories of the time. Read more books and watch some biographies. As the growth of knowledge, can also look at other people’s bad luck when I do get over. Take the opportunity to do housework, the usual busy do not have to pay close attention to the work done at this time.