Always want to sonething about write something, before best selling chicago bears jerseys a period of time to write, there are a lot of words to write out, but no time. Now, there is time, but do not know what to write about, and life is so helpless.

Feel yourself in the six months to change a lot, do not know is good or bad, but since it happened, there is its reason, everything should be let nature take its course.

About attitude

Do one thing before, always do everything possible to tell others, in order to meet to please yourself. Now, always want to hide in a corner, in a sneaky way to do what you want to do. Although still do not good enough, and sometimes will do some stupid things, but is trying to overcome.

What you want to do with someone else really do not have a relationship, you say it is not too much attention to others, in this fast-paced society, who have the extra time and energy to care about others. You’re not as important as you think you are.

I think I have to be humble like a grass, or a head buried in the sand in the ostrich, put himself in a very low position. Sometimes always feel very cow, think now cheap football jerseys, what cattle cattle Oh, the. We are all very good, everyone has my elusive place, some people are very happy every day, some people insist on doing charity, some people continue to try new things and life, and these, I do not do.

The lack of a lot of their own, and these excellent people together, every day from his / her to see their own shortcomings, every day to do a better their own. Really, now I think there is no more than to find their own ignorance of the more people full of morale of things. When you have gone through hardships, or learn to master their previously master don’t even know the skills, feeling great.

The more you lack something, the more you feel that others are showing off. It’s hard to imagine that I was jealous sometimes when I heard the good news from my friends. Also ask yourself, how would there be so disgusting, I probably did not do while he / she did. This is really a terrible thing!!!

About dreams

In the dream of the word has been rotten street, I am sorry to tell others that they have a dream. Don’t know what others think, I always feel that dream, synonyms before realization is a joke, you say, is nothing more than inviting little jokes only. Of course, if a dream doesn’t sound like a joke, then it is not worthy of being called a dream. You know what you are doing is good, really do not need to tell others, their own well-being is enough.

If you say every day for their dreams and hard work, this sounds too false, even their own can not deceive. However, at least some of the moment, I really have to work hard for it, and is still trying to.

Dream, may be able to achieve, may not be achieved, who knows. God often in your most desperate time to give you an unexpected surprise, the premise is that you can stick to that time.

About efforts

As far as most people are concerned, it is not at all the level of talent nfl jerseys free shipping. I really feel that I have wasted too much time in the first three years of college, the most ridiculous is that I think they are not bad, but also quite hard.

Efforts of this word is really very interesting, before others said I was very hard, I always denied, as long as the recognition of their own efforts, not by talent, they are not so different. Everything is vanity at work, because it is hard, as long as you want, want to do, you can do it; but the gift is different, talent is the privilege of a few people, naturally more precious. Now have a more clear understanding of their own, on the current sense of self, and strive to medium, low talent, that is, so.

Why do you have to work so hard? I think of an example, feel nba jerseys for sale more image. The achievement is compared to a piecewise function, the achievement of different levels is a section of the function, each section is a constant function, different segments have different values, the value of high level of achievement is higher than the low level. If you want to enter from a low level to high level, the only way is to increase the value of X, then a function until it reaches the low level of achievement corresponding to the domain boundary, when reaching the boundary, as long as a little increase of X value, there will be more sudden, from low level to high level. The key problem is that you don’t know the domain of each section is much, do not know the piecewise function domain is much, you can only walk, walk, when suddenly the more you will know: Oh, the original domain of this function is so big ah.

It is difficult to break away from the low level to high level, because before the jump, you will find that weakness, no matter how hard you forward, the function value is unchanged, the most let you powerless, you do not know that this situation will last long, perhaps a second, perhaps forever.