NFL regular season hit sixth weeks on this, “your turn” to describe the 2014 nike nfl jerseys rams Carolina Panthers, can be said to be more than. 2015 of their regular season matches catch 14 game winning streak, and scored the last super bowl. We are optimistic about the season before them, who the Panthers started badly, falling into the 1 wins and 4 losses quagmire. The Panthers fans remain perplexed despite much thought, useless things, then don’t buy cheap; do not love the people, again lonely also don’t depend on. Most of the time, we said to put down, in fact, did not really put down, we just pretend to be very happy, and then in the quiet corner of the lonely to touch the scars. “Football God” understatement sentence: you are in the “Super Bowl curse”.

Afraid of what will think of what, believe what you will hear what, let us fear, not the outside world, but our heart. Every morning to start with a smile, and to adhere to this day in the past, in fact, people with the tree is the same, the more longing for the sun, the more it will extend to the bottom of the dark. Since 1988, there are 11 teams in the previous year in the super bowl, after losing the second season could not be said again, even the 50% winning percentage did not reach. The history of a total of seven Super Bowl team next season 1 wins and 4 losses start, only in 1976 the Steelers can rally the playoffs, the other is lost in the end, some even unable to get up after a fall. The Panther 17 this month to New Orleans to challenge the saints, it is really can not afford to lose.

For many reasons this season the Panthers lower, is the most important skill by quarterback Newton. This season, he was hit hard by the other side, fifth weeks did not play, because the brain can not check the shock. In the game, Newton himself shilly-shally, protective bag protection is also poor, so Newton averaged was the other hit 11.3 times, ranking the first quarterback NFL. The curse of this thing can not be trusted. No matter how many times you fail, you don’t prevent yourself to try again. Touch your head, nothing can’t get past. I traveled all over the world, to the end only to find that his smile is the most beautiful scenery. Plus the defense played better than last season, the Panther is covered all over with cuts and bruises can hardly be avoided.

“Super Bowl curse” a total of three, the Panther is just one of the “second spell” and a “champion curse”, is very difficult to win the team title. 1993 to date, 23 years, only five teams win the championship in the Wholesale NFL Jerseys China next season to return to the super bowl, and only three Denver wild horse, Dallas cowboys and the new England patriots team successfully defended. After the Patriots of 2005, NFL won’t have the defending champion. From 2006 to 2013 of seven years, the Super Bowl champion in second years of achievement or not to make the playoffs or playoff was eliminated in the first round, until 2014 the Seattle Seahawks won first round playoff opponent, the defending champion to restore some honor.

The new season, Denver wild horse is the defending champion, they just in Thursday night’s match against the electro-optical team, after 4 consecutive victories suffered 2 consecutive defeat. Barely holding the championship, aiming at the playoffs, threatening the “champion””.