The Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman seems ready for halloween. Meng Fei: I always want to laugh at other people wearing Ladies Ravens Jerseys, but afraid of offending people, so Sherman Richard had to laugh at myself. Meng Fei: “with my parents do not live together, not only the individual and Du** is different. Respect for parents and no independent mind is not the same thing. Meng Fei: “you always prove that you are a man of thought, in fact, the real idea of people is not always to prove his for Halloween.

The United States Wednesday team news conference, Meng Fei: “my childhood dream is to be a primary school teacher or a learning or not is of no importance to the courses in the university teacher” in my memory, the most heard the teacher say is: stand up, go out. Meng Fei: “the single parent family, people always think that there is a lack of love, but there may be another situation, Sherman wearing Harry Porter uniforms appear, single children may get a family of love. Meng Fei: “I want to correct a mistake, always said do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier, but all go to when the general, who will be a soldier to fight? I never want to be a boss, I just want to do a part-time job. “A person to do every thing, play, also wearing a bookish glasses, like to go to the JK Rowling fan meeting.

In addition to dress, “” in the If You Are The One arena, see is not only young people to love and marriage attitude, this is the social and life stage, can reflect the whole society, our view of people, social views, opinions on many issues. It is said that the theme of Sherman’s mobile phone has also been replaced by the theme of Potter Harry. Three years old a generation gap? There may be a lot older than a year old in the kindergarten, but the park in the morning exercise, the year old may not be older than the old. Many people are living in the eyes of others, but also a lot of people are living in their own world, this is a different way of life.

At the scene of Sherman was asked to Quidditch or in the football field in the 5 quarter, in fact, women sometimes really do not understand, such as the words to say this thing, if you are a girl sweet mouth, the girl will say, see this will say sweet words with a glib tongue, man, especially unreliable, enthused; if you do not say so, the woman would say, what girls do not love men say sweet things, you can’t do even that, how do I live with you. Obviously the reporter is implied in the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals of the Canadian war. I give you a little advice, you’d better not to cut into such a stage of life, in your work, when you start a business, when you work hard, the same can enjoy life.

Finally Sherman said wearing Potter Harry uniforms because his son wanted to attend the conference. Everyone may experience poor life, I work in a printing factory, not over a month of the first month, my salary is around the block, after I covered a month, my salary is more than money, it was in the early 1990s, so we experienced, we are poverty, hardship, distress to know that our brand is very profound. We also have the desire for wealth in a very long time with, but it is just an indicator of life we realize the dream, but not all. The happiness of people from many aspects, I just told you, when expressed in the desire for wealth, is not able to choose a more subtle way of expression, or you can also have some other indicators and requirements for a man, just a little suggestion.

Now someone gave flowers to Meng Fei, it was so touching, unexpected things happened to me in this stage for so many years, never thought to give flowers to the host moved ah.

Qian Weicheng in the summer after “Hey buddy” and Jiang Yang Zhang Ting sang “sunrise”, FANS came to Meng Fei flowers, which directly inspired all the Meng Fei self deprecating humor and cell. The audience of the world, ah, when the program is good, no one remembers the host, when the program is not good, who will remember the host…… Huang is now in the music achievement, I respect it or not listen to your parents. If you listen to the parents, what kind of achievement is now ah.

Huang Shujun joked for himself: “I was not in accordance with the recommendations of the parents to walk now, at my age, I found that my parents said, the majority of Meng Fei do not have an explanation. “I got a flower size is smaller, but the affection is still in the drips of Tu when Yongquan, vote by oasis, quoted by Joan dishes will be whether you are willing or not, I will give you a sign