Dakota Preiss cotter far exceeds the performance of people for a fourth round pick expected. Master clouds? I really want to laugh, sing my heart is hidden deep, obviously want to take the first, on the mouth but did not drop a word.

This not only refers to his performance on the field, but also includes his personal time for a variety of events and comments on the choice.

Recently Preiss who was invited to attend Kanye West concert, but he refused, the people are very surprised, Preiss who gives the answer is: “I still want to go, but I want to sleep more comprehensive consideration, at that point in time.”

In fact, over the past few months, those of the industry outstanding young people were invited to nfl jerseys china Kanye’s concert, but for the Preiss court it is obviously will affect their own things, he is only interested in football.

The Preiss Court maintained not steals data from his rookie Tom Brady was steals record worse 7 passes, he has completed 1239 yard pass so far, passing success rate as high as 69%, and 4 touchdowns.

I stared up at the singing eyes said “high platoon is typical of local university student officers, as early as two years of my army, my brother, is my study example, the younger brother high today take the liberty to watch, do not mind.” Where is the king platoon leader?” Sing clearly a new jersey little surprised.

I looked back, fortunately, the brothers did not give me a shame, standing team standing, other company of soldiers continued to walk, no one look around.