Ian call me Poor too long is the fault of evening entertainment, not best bears jerseys to buy to come back for dinner, I quickly asked bestie to accompany me to eat seafood stalls. Early summer season, to find a place, the point of a few fresh seafood, the taste is definitely more than five star seafood buffet.

Just sit down, bestie towards me with a wink, wink at me down her, next to a pair of men and women oppressed voice in the quarrel.

The jerseys china factory man said: “I beg you to give me a chance, do not break up, OK?”

A woman’s face impatient: “I have given you a lot of times, I have thirty this year, I can not delay their own, we better get together!”

The man always begging, cheeky sad, female unmoved, expressionless.

Bestie said to me secretly: “before all the silly woman man is now a devoted man unfeeling woman.”

I motioned for her to continue to listen, man continues to cry, she remained unmoved.

Finally, the man’s patience collapsed, facing the woman shouted: “have you ever loved me?” I just want you to give me another chance, so you can’t wait to find the rich? If I had the money, would you? Women are so realistic, so snobbish? What is our feelings, what is it!”

The other guests have toward the woman cast scornful disapproval, the woman replied: “I jerseys supply center not resigned to playing second fiddle to know you don’t have the money to start, if I do not love money, together with you, I told you for ten years, we have graduated for seven years, seven years, I gave you how many opportunities, but the result? We can’t afford to pay the rent now, I can’t see the future, no matter what you say, this is a split.”

The woman said, the head also don’t go back, the man picked up the table of beer bottles, mercilessly whipped on the ground: “why? Why? The poor do not deserve to have love?”

Other people began to talk about it, and my bestie is no exception, I thought bestie will sympathize with this man, did not think bestie looked at the woman’s receding figure said: “congratulations to this woman, she finally made a right decision to leave this unpromising qionggui.”

I rudely stared at her: “do you have a little compassion?”

Bestie almost hum on my face: “compassion? It is worth to good people, I have no sympathy for a qionggui.”

I smiled at her head: “talk put itcharitably is good, people always have poor, poor people don’t.”

Bestie more show her tongue instinct: “didn’t you hear? They have graduated for seven years, even almost can not afford to pay the rent, a man, but pragmatic, work hard, a little snack, this seven years would save a small set of the richest man. Yet this is not the poor and penniless, poor problem, but the attitude towards life even the character of the problem, so he was still without a single success, even the female friends to leave him Wholesale jerseys authentic. Poor people must be hateful, I see others poor I will sympathize with, gradually I found that a person is poor, mostly not fate, with his own problems are inseparable.”

I could not help but nod bestie, it really makes sense.

“Most of the poor will use their parents to defend themselves from their parents. Each birth is not the same, so the starting point is not the same, this difference exists objectively. But if it is not the pursuit of wealth, only need to have the words, just a little bit of effort to do. Seven years time, has been enough for a man to gain a firm foothold, and even a small achievement. Some people are poor, he will be thinking of changing the status quo, he will try to find the chance, he will do to walk every step. Thirty years old before poor, in addition to the ability of luck, but also poor after thirty years old, this problem is serious. If a class is not selected, then the learning ability is the effort will have, blindly to blame the parents, but also a record — not to play! The National People’s Congress has been poor have two problems: the creation of such a person, or love leisure and hate labour, will always be poor.”

I can not help but think of one of my relatives, from the twenties he told you to rise head and shoulders above others, glorify and illuminate the ancestors. Parents and his wife listened very happy, said he would support him. Then, he went to do business, after half a year, lost his shirt. His parents and his wife said: This is me down on the luck I will succeed next time. Parents and wife support him again to break out of the savings business, this time, he also lost his shirt. Parents and wife too much, advised him to find a job at ease, a good family!

But he was called up, I want to do big things to make a lot of money, how could it be possible for cheap jerseys onlin people to work? What are the boss, after they see I have to bow and scrape.

So about five years, big money did not earn, not made, had deep pockets but he was almost ruined. But he not only from your own reflection, instead of blaming others for no vision, refused to give him a chance, or blame God have no eyes, no reduction in wealth for him. The family once again advised him to find a job, do not toss. But he still feels good: “looking for a job? What