Rich people like to make poor relatives supply cheap jerseys friends with the circle of friends,from china free shipping poor people like to go to the relatives to win favor. Relatives of the bond is the blood and marriage, the expansion of contacts by social interaction.

A number of friends and many roads, but in the end what kind of friends will give this road? The film “Chinese partner” in a section of such lines: do not play mahjong and mother-in-law, do not go to bed than you have ideas, do not and friends of the partnership to open the company. Although it is a joke, but “don’t and friends,” this sentence is worthy of our deep thinking on human communication in “strength”.

Granovetter Mark, a professor at Stanford University, points out: in the traditional society, the most frequent contact with each person is his relatives, classmates, friends, colleagues…… This is however limited range of social cognition a very stable, is a “strong relationship” performance; at the same time, there is another kind of relation to a more social, but superficial social cognition, commonly referred to as “friends” is a “weak link” performance.

The Granovetter study also found that most American college students find a job to help relatives and friends often meet this is not “strong relationship”, and a lot of the time is the social circle once “weak ties”. Rich people’s wisdom is that most of the time spent in dealing with the weak relationship, is the so-called expanding contacts. Strong relationship, although strong, but the weak link can be connected to different social circles, from the outside of the circle to provide them with useful information. According to the weak link theory, a person in the community to get the opportunity to have a relationship with his social network structure. If you only with friends and family contacts, or people you know are similar with their background, opportunity then you certainly not what those people who know more.

Both at home and abroad, the rich people always through various channels to establish their own circle, mixed circles become the norm of the rich people. Three American researchers, Eagle, Macy, and Claxton, did a little bit of fun. They collected nearly all telephone records of the entire UK in August 2005, the British government has a national economic situation in each district of the country where you can find out where the rich are poor. So they put the phone records with the more than 30 thousand district residents economic ranking comparison.

The result is very obvious, the more affluent communities, the interaction of the “diversity” is more obvious. The study found that the economic ranking of the community and its social network, social diversity and regional diversity of the correlation cheap nike jerseys china coefficient were 0.73 and 0.58. This means that the more contact with the rich more easily to different classes and different regions, and call the length of time, with the correlation coefficient of economic ranking is -0.33, that is to say the rich love although contact with all kinds of people, but the real time shorter than the poor.

In China, many entrepreneurs in the career, have chosen to go to EMBA, one is to learn new things, on the other hand, more is to make new friends and contacts, to find a successful person and their current social status and identity consistent circle. This is each of the rich are willing to mix in the circle, there are successful entrepreneurs, there are government officials, as well as celebrities in the arts and literature…… It can be said that this is a variety of resources and contacts of the circle, some people can even find the true love”. So rich people are happy to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year is the first one million yuan of tuition, in spite of his busy schedule to squeeze out time every month, to go with some successful people climb the relationship between the students. In the United States, to do charity, hot loyalty to public welfare activities are the main way to rich cheap jerseys nfl people in the circle of successful people. Like the American Museum, Ballet Theatre, opera house, Ivy League schools, or some of the top end of the charity, are some of the non rich and expensive traditional aristocratic family in charge of the circle. Hundreds of millions of dollars each year to tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars to donate to the school to build a teaching building or something. The rich do charity, is a worry on the back of rich and cruel notoriety, to community feedback, but also to mix a small circle.

Rich people in this circle, most people have a superb survival wisdom and the ability to obtain wealth. They come together to exchange business, to explore the road to riches, mutual encouragement, mutual help, sharing information, resources, mutual exchange of needed products from each other. It can be said that the life in this circle, not to want to fu.

Careful observation, you will find that the cheap nike jerseys usa conversation between relatives and friends are usually limited to a very small range, you in this circle, the flow of information about the basic dynamic. Although friends and relatives are willing to communicate with you, but as much as there is no new idea. “Poor relatives” is confined to a small circle of such feelings, is stable, but the conversation is confined in the small household affairs, and most of which message is obsolete, the resulting redundancy will waste a lot of time and energy. The most efficient communication, perhaps like rich people between the mutual exchange of needed products. To some extent, the social relationship between the width and breadth determines the “poor, the rich get richer”.

“Augmented” in kind, no one asked in the downtown poor, rich in the mountains