Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown Sunday U.S. time to meet a simple choice, take off with ALI head shoes, or leave the game against New York jets.

So in order to match Brown had to take off his shoes. But this has been a lot of comments on the Internet, it was commented: “so NFL forced Brown to take off his tennis shoes, but a week ago they agreed that he was wearing a Palmer Arnold shoes.”

There are also fans who wrote: “dear Brown, wearing these shoes is a respect for the great athletes and shame for you.”.”

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In fact, Brown in the social networking site announced he would wear the shoes for a week in the game time, cheap jerseys online but the league game until he was asked off his shoes, apparently a little reluctance.

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Screen to achieve the basic text operations, such as copy and paste, etc., also provides a similar function of the scroll bar, you can view the history of the window status. Windows can also be partitioned and named, you can also monitor the activities of the background window.

The majority of fans strongly condemned the alliance as the shameless practices, we solemnly protest this dictatorial approach, will be asked to explain this alliance!