A recent project are doing in one People have 2016 nhl jerseys supply for sale of the content is also free shipping frustrating to shoot TVC, but the director has camera, my turn here is taken before the shoot after some work, such as writing, direction, props, space, communication, and things. These things is not difficult, but the key is not easy, but I’ve never done, also has not my work in the field of things. To put before, I am sure to familiar with the colleague to do, but this happens to himself did not like, and I want to do it, although I was expecting may do a bit thankless, even worse.

First said the copy, wrote the two edition, the director is not satisfied, but customer satisfaction. Also wrote the three or four edition, director feel good, customers say bad. Copy toss two laps no electricity, for a creative advertising copywriting, and wrote the version of the 678, but also different opinions……

One minute before seeing the actor, the director decided to copy the car…… To find the studio director quietly wrote two version recorded together and then judge. True to kneel……

Then said the director before shooting props, each to the inventory to prepare, from Taobao to cheap price for nhl jerseys the store, from the mall to the vegetable market, from the city to the suburbs to the village, there is a literary style bike found in Taobao, their delivery was big traffic jam in the suburbs do not know where where to the middle of the night 11 points, the last ride to my home, I came home a little.

Talk about communication. To say the most important is the ability of public relations communication, but communication is not only a message that is simple, to this film I haven’t done a thing, will become a variety of coordination. The site is obviously good sometimes suddenly said no, sometimes the actor suddenly not to have to change, sometimes site is expensive for cost savings trying to bargain, sometimes feel you need what is the director to allocate resources.

Of course, all the others, not to enumerate the details, in short is tight and heavy task, this is a kind of tough. The shooting day at four in the morning to the position, but dare not sleep a night awake and sleeping in the past; outdoor play from 6 a.m. to 12 noon, wearing a down jacket to the body with warm baby, double 11 to buy the stock three or four days dry light; in order to grab a sunset, suddenly rushed to stop a scenic spot a high tower, off a phone to have no time to play.

The first time is always so out of rhythm, toil and hardship since Needless to say, you can see when TVC were moved to tears. In a few minutes of the film inside, as if to see colleagues go to the market to buy back by the line, we laugh at how a suit of fish; see the shopkeeper let brother help keep to my brother and sister to the owner, the scarf on the neck with the action top quality for nhl cheap jerseys; see the beginning of each kind of not harmonious are not allowed to do to do everything to the last OK when smiling face.

The customer said: “hello with the director learn, the next time you make a film on the use of the.” For me, this is more than the harvest. How to copy, how fast the buckle inscribed to buy props, why should the director so ideas, how to shoot only seen in the movie screen angle and so on, for themselves, is a kind of curiosity to meet, a new field of learning opportunities, although may not fall and not good enough, but hard and grow out only to their own experience.

Always someone asked me, said to choose their right work to do, do not know what their strengths, so the future of a confused. Some people ask me, after the class found what to do wrong, the day is very difficult, but also do not know what kind of person in the end, what good at all, so the future of a confused. For myself, in fact, never know what they like, good at anything, the only thing to do is to continue to observe and practice. For example, when buying furniture of wood of interest, do not understand why the wood furniture is so expensive, can be on the woodwork in the wood, real wood powder flying with a spoon do not neat, no longer forced out expensive; such as buying a lot of expensive clothes that should be cut easily. Really a lesson in the course of fashion design in two hours did not go on. Do more to understand, in this world no one is born of self cognition particularly clear, have to rely on a personal involvement in the know their hobbies and expertise, to a broader understanding of their own; there is no what a ready-made panacea let you sit in front of the computer, or bed just listen to it, you will see your the bright future.

There is a saying that “the harder it is, the fastest progress,” how many people can really appreciate the meaning, and willing to practice a variety of taste it? Have seen a lot of people, let you be a civil servant, said don’t want to waste a lifetime of tea and reading newspapers, want to do things that are challenging. But civil servants nhl jerseys china for promotion are not so easily; give you some difficult experience of things, he said he does not fit this job, thankless, white blind own unique personality. So, what should give you what things can just make you comfortable? Chicken soup and inspirational quotes like shouting slogans like,