The line texture should be placed in the final stage, began to learn, or to do the 2016 Nike Nfl Jerseys Cleveland Browns good linear, gesture. Static and dynamic contrast should be appropriate, do not static enough static, moving is not enough. Nezi and Qi is suitable for writing the seal. Write folk things, the advantage is that there is not a relatively perfect standard, but also did not form a complete standard, a relatively large degree of freedom. Even if not written, it is not easy to make people feel inappropriate. If you write Wang Xizhi, a little bit like, it was seen by the people. Because the aesthetic standards of kings have been formed, go astray, it is not perfect. Don’t be too conventional antithetical couplet inscribed, with the poetic couplet is very important.

The text is a book, inscribed is a kind of style, will make people feel there are two sets of Kung fu. So, to learn how to exercise the long. In the readability of the inscribed on the (multi play their own advantages, try to Lyric) others take the road (do not take the unusual way). The static, inscribed will a bit more lively as well. The whole works should have a side of the main tone, or long tone or circular tone (a melody), supplemented by other, cannot see no tone, feeling disorder, so, but no change, contrast (main no time could not come out). To have a clear center, clear consciousness. To enhance the ability of the “form”, and from this ability is two concepts.

Characters – in momentum wins, don’t need a small number of small details — to the spirit of wins not to learn, to pursue it, once learned, will use others not approach used to deal with. Write two, on the whole is elegant and smooth, if the local distribution of a few bright spots, some will be more abundant. Put on a big, there will be a little hair floating, to pay attention to grasp. Write Mi Fu, try not to write the “Sichuan Phrathat” or

Who “Tiaoxi poetry volumes to write letters”, some good. In four song, Mi Fu of Jin and Tang potential, strengthen the most powerful, comprehensive techniques. He wrote with particular attention to write eight out of the front face feeling. The two kings enlarged to write, is a way. The 2016 nike nfl jerseys houston texans current exhibition effect, visual effect is reflected. Some of the two flat to write, write the stele of temperament, is one way. These and the tool materials have a relationship that needs to be explored in order to solve a natural but not artificial problem. Lin Wang, do not have to write the whole, can not find a page, repeatedly pondering the details, one by one, all of the place. For example, such as Lanting Pavilion is the highest order of martial arts a boxing, the whole routine will play, is not necessarily a master.