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Drew Bracey passes the total number of yards to break the record Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning’s 71,940-yard pass record and saints became the new historical passer-by queen after completing a 62-yard catch with Tre’s Quan Smith. Before the game, Briss passed 71,740 yards in third place in history, more […]

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Angry to send a good bureau, Beckham conceal disappointment interview, implying that Manning will not pass the ball.     Oddle Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants are still looking for answers in today’s game against the Carolina Panthers, starting with a 1-4 encounter, and the offensive team is […]

Saints runner Ingram: eager and ready to return to the arena. Mark Ingram jerseys sale finally returned to the team after the four-match ban ended on October 6. Ingram said, “(Sunday without a ball) was terrible and too humbled. But we won a lot of matches, which made me feel […]

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James entered the stadium wearing a strong NFL. His old kneeling for two years has not yet been eliminated. The Los Angeles Lakers played King Sacramento at Stamps Stadium on Oct. 5, Beijing time. Before the game, reporters caught the scene: NBA superstar LeBron James, who had just transferred to […]

The packer quarterback dissatisfied with the attack. Although Buffalo Bill won the 22-0 win on Sunday, the quarterback of the packer was not satisfied with the actual performance of the team. The league’s highest-paid quarterback said in an interview: “We’ve had a bad offensive performance and don’t think the points […]

Jaguars runner Fornet’s hamstring will aggravate and he will be out of commission indefinitely. The Jacksonville Jaguars runner-up (Leonard Fournette jerseys) will be out indefinitely after suffering an aggravated hamstring injury in his right leg during the victory over the New York Jet. Doug Marrone also said he was not […]

The eagles will donate 1/4 salary to charity to provide reading opportunities for three urban children. NFL Philadelphia Eagles defender Chris Lang has announced in a series of posts on his social media website that he will donate 25% of his salary this season to start a charity program called […]