Colonel George Barton Opponents are blank is one of the tank armor expert bengals jerseys shortcuts to success the best in the history of the United States army. 1988, Barton received an emergency call from the Ministry of defense, accepted the development of M1A2 tank protective armor task. This is a new type of high-end weapons, in order to make the armor developed better performance, better quality, Barton invited a special helper – graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineer Mike Mats. But Barton asked Ma Cilai, he does not want to do research and themselves, but to him to ruin it. Because Martz is destructive famous expert, in the military field, the two of them is simply “dead right”. Two people each with a team, Barton is with the development team, mainly responsible for the development and protection of the armor, and is destroyed with Martz group, responsible for the destruction of Barton developed armor.

At first, Barton developed the armor, can always be an easy job to do to damaged mats. When the tank was damaged, Barton will find mattes exchanges, failure analysis, root finding problem, in order to find a way to break in the next development. Barton again racking brains to design, Mats again and again to find ways to destroy, and then discuss the improvement of the two methods. Finally one day, when the mats make exhaust all the skills even directly to the high explosive wrapped in protective armor also failed to detonate the work, when Barton announced: impromptu Fen M1A2 tank armor formally developed, it can withstand the crackdown on more than 4500 kilometers per hour, the unit damage over 1 million 350 thousand kg. Until now, this tank protective armor is still the world’s most solid. Barton and the Martz “adversary”, but also because of this invention won the symbol of American military research, the highest honor in the field of “purple heart”.

Later, when a reporter asked Barton the secret Wholesale jerseys authentic of success, Barton said with a smile: “I am an important reason for success, because I have a strong opponent. With strong opponents, is to make their own success in the most effective way if success.” Facts have proved that Barton’s choice is correct, because his intelligence and wisdom, the most jerseys at best discount powerful opponent into the best assistant, and thus achieved great success.

In the age of cold Alaska in California, a fishing village, where the fishermen for generations to fishing for eels. As everyone knows, the eel is one of the most mysterious fish in the world, its delicious meat, rich nutrition, is winter tonic Jiapin, so the price is very expensive. But at the same time, the eel life is extremely delicate, offshore shortly after the death, so, on the market to sell more than the eel into a dead fish, not only taste good, the price is greatly reduced.

However, there is a fisherman, rely on the ancestors inherited the “secret” save fresh eel, every day are selling fresh eel, so his business is booming, earn windfall profits. This secret has not been known to the world.

Until one year, the children of the fishermen’s ancestral “secrets” say it, just as we solved the more than half a century of mystery: originally, when fishing on the eel, they will also fish in the box to put some pike eel. Pike is a restless fish, eel can be said to be the “killer”, abnormal behavior under them for channeling channeling a timid fear to eat eel always on tenterhooks. As a result, throughout the transport process, eel body function has been in a state of tension awake, so life can be extended. For many years, the family relied on this method, doing booming business.

It turned out that the presence of a strong opponent, not all is a disadvantage, sometimes instead of helping us to achieve an effective shortcut to success. Eel still so, not to mention people?

The secret of Barton and Zhulianbihe mattes stories and “fresh eel”, it is not difficult to understand such a truth: whether do big business or a small business jerseys different size or find a strong opponent, how important it is. Because opponents, is the most effective shortcut to success.