Those in a wastebasket No one nfl jerseys free shipping time Sunday online china except yourself, you enjoy the rare leisure, trying to read, listen to some music. You pull out the new disc is unpacked, mobile phone rings, you jump on a screen name, do not want to, you can ring he’s really not letting this go sighed, then. Ming tired, turn on the moment, you explained: I’m sorry, I was in the bathroom.”

Over the phone, crying of success, you need to comfort scalp, friend beam — she often need to, I do not know which one is work or emotional problems, your ears burn for.

Over an hour has passed.

Until you hear the beep in the mobile phone, and other phone, finally get rid of the beam chatter without stop.

The new phone is leading the call, he gave you set a new task, but has nothing to jerseys nfl Free Shipping do with the job: “I evening to attend a wedding, help me to draw a wedding speech.”

You can say, not at home, but think about it, feel embarrassed, you nod is called, “no problem,” turned to open the computer.

Down half of the album are you down.

You finally pieced together end speech, a brother to you on. You hide him behind, he has started to smile of greeting, he said: “Hey, look at my manuscript.”

He hardly saw you, will give you new hair, and then asked, “help me change”, “recommend a place: help me.”

Have you tried to seal off him, and fear of being a common understanding of the people exposed, “that many feel shy, so you keep him in a variety of network chat tools, as have a malignant tumor: malignant tumor of this time, he is not the only one.

The end of the day jerseys nfl different color, your new album did not open.

Goodbye as brother, you suddenly think of, yesterday promised a colleague to buy a certain brand of cosmetics, your home has discount stores. You rush out of the door, colleagues in the eyes of you as long as you go back and forth to spend half an hour, but you pick in the store, grinding gifts, you buy when there is no now, and colleagues will think? You and the salesperson to grind, after all is said and done, you hold out a bag of cosmetics, relieved, but your day has been faster in the past.

The problem is that you are not happy

You receive a friend beam negative emotions, for construction, no psychological pleasure you out of friendship, in the spirit of the occasion, but her over and over again, you should understand that you can’t solve her habitual listening to sad, she will only talk next appointment. When she put your trash, and watching your time in a wastebasket.

You can’t say to refuse, because you are afraid of leadership is not happy, if you don’t think you enthusiasm, colleagues say that you don’t try. But with all one’s heart, passion? The premise is to help others busy, you happy, busy help meaningful. Now the situation is that you help 9/10 people who look for the same, only 1/10, not you can not do. The 1/10 is worth your Liangleichadao, 9/10? Just because you speak, the other side will find you, next time, they also look for you.

You bustling about a day, a dish is not apart.

To people the most cruel

If you opened the morning disc, enjoy the calm in the music, you can open the book, throw you into the wastepaper basket and took the 1/3 time today, at least can read ten thousand words.

These are not important, it is important that such a day with your initial good Sunday imagination, than you really have fun.

Last week, mom told you she was busy.

You feel strange, she retired at home, the old university is in the summer vacation, the house is only two or three, the housework is limited.

But the children of a relative also put off, want to come to my house for some time, the total can not refuse it.”

Before the leadership of the child to get married, named to Aunt painting painting, her mother devoted her spare time to focus on painting, the house is full of her works, this can not refuse it.”

Former colleagues to decorate the house, and the mother has decoration Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic experience, let me accompany the building materials market, which can not refuse it.”

Who are rarely a mouth, who can not refuse, you know mom want is rest, or “Dad and go to the suburbs to pick”, but now she is too busy, the day is too hot, she has a little stroke, she would rather let their own grievances, in human.

Yesterday, Xiao Zhou temporary miss, no fitness together with you. She said her college classmates had a sudden visit.

In fact, the relationship between the students and the general Zhou, but “people travel to Beijing, about me, I actively refused, not appropriate.”

Xiao Zhou bitterly: “to accompany the students to eat, shopping and play, these days for reimbursement.” You know, Xiao Zhou is more angry, her fitness program was delayed, “let the way”.

So, you think of yourself.

Give way. What you have today is a plate, what will you make tomorrow?

There is always “just you, come to the party; there is a classmate’s cousin to find you, would you please change a paper; the total bestie softly ask” accompany me to date.

One night left you rubbed his sleepy eyes to catch the report.

On the subway, you use headphones to isolate the relatively quiet space, the opportunity to read a book.