According to ESPN reports, 2014 dallas cowboys nfl jerseysthe American Football League has issued new regulations, if the team in social media sharing event GIF moving image or video, are likely to be heavily fined. Obviously, the move is to allow as many users to watch the video through the NFL official channel. According to the foreign media Mashable to get this memo, the teams will not be allowed to share the relevant content of the venue during the game, including the Live Facebook and Periscope live streaming media.

NFL new regulations limit, from the start, to the post 1 hours of comment period, the teams are not available to the social network to share the picture inside the venue. In addition, the team is not self assessment highlights, or the video into GIF format and then released out.

NFL warned that the new regulations will be implemented from October 12th. If the team is in violation of the provisions, offenders will be fined $25 thousand, making $50 thousand penalty, the maximum penalty of $100 thousand for many times.

2014 jaguars nike nfl jerseysInterestingly, NFL in April had reached a cooperation agreement with Twitter, so that it can play the game on Thursday night. This provision is similar to the previous push and International Olympic Committee in the Rio Olympic Games during the year to reach a cooperative approach.