China during NFL, legendary star Peyton Manning once again set foot on the pitch, but this time he faced not with his opponent but dozens of tit for tat, the ages of China football enthusiasts, known as “the greatest quarterback Manning to bring a vivid training course for their training, players exclaimed Manning it is the” American football textbook “alive, his advice that everyone benefited. Deputy director of Chinese CPAFFC Meida Work Department Ji Yongjun was invited to observe a day of training.

There is one hour away from the training time, the Chinese American Football League (AFLC) players have been dressed in order to begin to warm up to the center of the venue. China assistance provided by NFL, established in 2013, AFLC is an American Football League home, 16 teams gathered from Beijing to Hongkong to participate in the football enthusiasts, Manning Chinese football training camp is one of the best players. They said, to accept the guidance of Manning, it is a golden opportunity, will come up with the best training, to show the achievements in the development of football Chinese.

Although already retired more than half a year, but on the pitch, Manning immediately became focused on it, he guides players to regulate movement, and constantly stressed: “football is no shortcut, we need to work hard, especially the cooperation between the quarterback and wide receiver, need hundreds of times of tempering, until a seamless heavenly robe.” Among the many players, the team from Chongqing, the American football team is very much the most input. When he talked about his football, he said: “last year the London bowl was the first time I had been watching a football game. I thought it was cool. This movement is more direct, more able to put a person’s physical quality, willpower and thinking ability to show the most. In March last year that Chengdu also has the American football team, I immediately joined, has become an amateur American football player.”

In addition to the AFLC player, the 10 year old and nearly 20 young people aged -12 for training, grapple, running, they all have a kind of mold, is very excited. The 11 year old youngster Pan Ziming has received four years of football training, from running back to quarterback to the defensive line, four years he almost all position play a times. He said that every time the game can not be happy to put the usual behind the back, he also enjoyed and teammates together for the victory of the feeling of hard work. After watching the training of the ball players, Manning has made a special emphasis on the details of some of the very easy to overlook in rugby. Manning also asked when the young players have to catch every time on the ball, the ball to the ball after the ball to move immediately to the running direction of attack. Subsequently, Manning was interested in every little players pass, he said: “the best way is to develop interest in football since childhood began to participate in the football is a team sport, you and your friends, have passion for football games to play, your parents are watching you like watching NFL players play the game, I think football is able to mobilize a family sport. ”

During the training, the deputy director of China CPAFFC Meida work department and Manning invited Ji Yong Jun to emulate a cordial conversation, deputy director Ji Yong Jun said: “we are pleased to welcome Manning Chinese, he China promotion of American football. This great sport I see today many children and grassroots players have high enthusiasm for the sport, hope to have more cooperation with the National Association of American NFL occupation football league, Wholesale NFL Jerseys the sport is becoming more and more popular in Chinese.”