NFL in recent years has been committed to promoting the development of NFL globalization, has been in the United Kingdom, France, Japan and other places have developed a large number of fans and players, then in the end the development of China? Let small make up to take you to see the development of China’s NFL movement in recent years!

In fact, in the domestic football is towards the increasingly popular direction of development, after training a lot of players Zhang Meng said the reason, he said: “the love of rugby football will let you get out of the ordinary, like fresh things for me, whenever a shoulder armor, helmet, heard the ringing on the chin strap” click “sound, wear neat, martial equipment, I feel very happy, this is young people should pursue, isn’t it?” Hope out of the ordinary, the courage to try new things, have a healthy upward movement of the spirit, and have the pursuit of a higher quality of life attitude is the typical characteristics of the NFL audience. And from watching the NFL game, becoming a fan, and then to the actual contact Rugby sport, and ultimately in the process of playing the game to experience the fun of football, but also a loyal fan of the growth of the standard trajectory. According to statistics, the population of NFL interested in 6 from 1 million 600 thousand years ago, an increase of 19 million last year, an increase of up to 11 times. The number of participating in the sport also increased to a great extent, statistics show that at the beginning of 2016, more than 50 Chinese collision football team, more than 150 flag football team and rugby, multiple collision flag, indoor football league. Since 2010, the number of people who have participated in organized football games in China has increased 6 times to 6500.

You have felt more and more like-minded persons to join one of Zhang Meng said, this is a good opportunity for Manning to promote NFL Jerseys China, you can see Manning’s charisma, and he was wise. He said: “when it comes to football, people think it’s a simple sport. But in fact, football is a highly demanding sport.” It has been known as the “muscle football chess” shows this is a perfect combination of wisdom and physical exercise. In addition, Zhang Meng also said: “the sport of football for personal willpower, team spirit and leadership to enhance the ability to have a great help. Competition in peacetime only through training and thinking for thousands of times, the whole team under the heart to a thought, an effort to make, can all take time for a variety of situations.” Indeed, Manning also said in an interview: “the magic of football is that there are many different positions on the field, different responsibilities, each player has a different character, but when we stand on the pitch, we only have a common belief: scored touchdowns to win the game.”

Future NFL will continue to be younger, fashion direction, to attract Chinese fans. Once, the Chinese know nothing about football, and now we have a taste of its charm, let us together to promote the development of JERSEYS NFL bar!