White Kevin’s NFL career can not get a smooth start. Chicago bear announced on Wednesday that they will take over the first round of the show to take over the list of injury reserves. At the same time high ankle sprain in his left leg White play against the Detroit lions game fibula fracture.

Team general manager Ryan Perth said the operation is one of White’s choice. If he is able to recover after eight weeks. Before the first round of the first round of the show Kell Fowler – has also been placed in the list of injury and injury. Each team has only one player to return to the list of injury and injury.

In the last year due to the tibial stress fracture missed the entire rookie season, which is a blow for White. His latest fracture has nothing to do with the fracture of his rookie season.

This news makes the bear fans sad. White played the best performance of his career, and then she suffered injuries. Play the game before the injury he completed the 6 ball 55 yards. White finally expressed in a strong performance at the same time have the ability to get rid of the defensive player. White’s role has been increasing over the past two weeks.

But he can’t continue to grow at the time of recovery.cheap jerseys online  Another San Diego player has become a victim of lightning injuries.

Cornerback Jason verret – because of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee part torn out of the rest of the season.

Fleet told reporters, “my season is over… I cried yesterday,” he also said he would accept surgery.

After his teammate Alan Steve – based Nan, Johnson, Danny and Wood Hyde Mantai – Special Olympics have suffered in the season of injury.

Fleet performed well on the outside, led the second line of lightning defense recovery and become the dominant part of the defensive group. In the first two weeks of the season, in the defensive star Jeremy – Mclean and Alan took over Robinson fretter to let two people add up to only 7 receptions for 80 yards has been completed.

But lightning also got good news. This year the draft third Joey botha fully trained on Wednesday. Coach Mike – Mccoy said in the next game against Oakland to raid the Bothan’s debut in the game.