Always in the long dream of life reality to depart and performance of sacrifice. Such a dream, is too cold and cruel. Look at the Luck Andrew world’s more dangerous and more disaster. Such as the image of the capricious scene. No map. We all the way to go all the way to live up to all the way to hope all the lady lions basketball jerseys way to find the answer. Think of the no better than past how happy, secular regret are long.

You will not suddenly appear in the corner coffee shop, I will smile and greeting you, do not talk about the past, just say, you say, just say, haven’t met in a long time the best time, I still walk alone in the flashy dazzling but do not belong to my street. I like a scavenger, quietly collection from the time of the film, it becomes a private vintage wine, and in that summer afternoon, drying out any pictures relevant to you.

Someone told me that the memory of the fish only seconds, seconds after it can not remember the past, everything has become a new. So, in that small fish tank, the fish will never be bored. I would rather be a fish, a second one would forget everything, once met people, have done things can disappear, but I am not a fish. Can not forget the people I love, can not forget about the pain can not forget the pain of Acacia

Who in the spring sunny afternoon, stroking your hair fluttering through. Who in the numerous dark night away, only consider wine, the strong temperature, severely burned into the chest. Who put a season season green fields, breaking into the soil in wet rot. Who took your flower face, let the years the United States fell dejected. Some of Xi Murong’s good love classic statement who’s who’s eye contact with the brow who’s who’s smile arrived who’s tears; who’s heart who can bear the cycle of who who who’s palm back to whom the crime.

Fortunately, love is not everything, but everything is not love. Again good also can not be forgotten, and then also arrived at the sad sad time. It’s about time. Make a good person. Don’t quarrel with others. Don’t need any explanation. Whether or not love. Do not say bad words a day three meals a day can not be less. Before I sleep, I can’t do it. When she loves you, is not intentional, don’t easily move.

Her world without him, his world is only her. The world is like this, there is no fair at all. This is not a time of tug of war, who care about more, you lose more miserable. Ear. No noise. Eye. No fun. Mouth. Silence silent. Face, not necessarily the most sad. Lonely, not necessarily not happy. Get, not necessarily long. Lose, do not have to no longer have. Not because of loneliness and the indulgence, not because of indulgence and lonely life.

In a period of time I like a piece of music, listen to a music I miss a period of time. Sitting in a period of time to miss another period of time. When listening to the Arizona Cardinals Premier Jerseys song what is the mood? At that time we met? Is the meeting is still missing? Is still, there is no outcome of the encounter? Memory is a form of meeting, forgetful is a form of freedom. Merry go round is the most brutal game, chasing each other but there is eternal interval.

Youth, I like crazy, take you to go these three words. Now, you won’t let anyone take you might go. Because I have learned with you, you go. If the truth is kind of hurt, please choose a lie. If a lie is an injury, please choose silence. If silence is an injury, please choose to leave.

Maybe you can love a lot of people, but only a person will make you laugh the most brilliant, cry the nfl jerseys china most sad. So I should make myself laugh brilliant, but I do not understand once the most brilliant smile to who. Cry, it is often in the heart. But I don’t understand sad, let me the most sad is who. But the heart is too painful, too painful will not feel pain. Can not remember clearly who left those mottled shadow.