On the construction Living in jerseys for sale site, laboriously pushing a free shipping misery wheelbarrow hard round; hot summer, riding on a tricycle across the District, carrying the heavy gas tank kept climbing; very cold, on the side of the road and feet warm, keep a ice cream selling; or to go fatigued with the journey to sell shampoos, cold eyes never stopped……

That was me twenty years ago. That section of experience, in retrospect, bitter is some bitter, difficult to talk about. But in my life, that short two years of experience, or precious. As in the convergence in the river of time a pebble, faint exudes endless admiration.

Everyone could not think there are many people Everything is going smoothly., suffering, and others actually feel a contrast, is actually lucky to experience, even if it is truly unfortunate, when passed by, there will also be a detached indifferent. So, happy with life, but the abundance of the suffering of life.

I live in the city for more than a year, in front of my small rented room, there was a small piece of open space, the middle is a big bed, summer time, fragrant. Every afternoon, a jerseys free shipping more than and 40 year old aunt, with three children came to the bed side. The three children are very special, is a ten year old age, I observed several days found that there is a boy who is blind, another boy seems to be deaf, and the little girl is said to be able to laugh with bright eyes, but listen to others, but slow mental development.

Thinking of this, three children, but the aunt suffering enough. Ordinary people, if there is a child with disabilities, will let parents fuck broken heart, three, and the sky collapsed. But then one asked, it is far more difficult than I thought. The three children are from Aunt orphanage adoption. When she was young, the family was happy, gave birth to a boy, and when she was five, she was lost. Looking for a long time, can not find, she was mentally disturbed for a while. During this time, her husband divorced her and abandoned her. When she was well, she lived alone and no longer tried to find her own son. Then, in succession adopted three disabled children, mind all in their body.

So every day, looking at her with three children in bed side, or speak with a bunch of flowers in the butterfly, or quickly do a sign, then they will not stop laughing, my heart will slowly wet. Life shine here, suffering become a fertile soil, only thick, into its charm, it is a football jersey wholesale kind of imperceptibly change, not only appease his soul, but also the warmth of others.

Once knew a girl, at first the life is very happy, the study is also good, three year’s time, the parents suddenly divorce, she follows mother, then suddenly breaks University’s road. The mother sick, and the spirit is due to stimulation became bad, she had to support the family with his shoulders. () got up early to go to the wholesale vegetable every day, then go to the market place, regardless of seasons, wind and snow, she saw the students through bustling about, sometimes, her eyes will look trance. Once life from a past life, toward the front of the heart, are expected to have not been all.

Later, she married, but the marriage did not maintain a year, then hastily dispersed. Then, in the next few years, the two failed marriage. Met her one year, she was still busy. Speaking of past experience, I think she will be painful, but her face clear, she said, these are not what I, compared with others, I am lucky enough. When a few years ago, selling vegetables in the market, but also a beside her age girl, leisure time two people chat very speculative. They have a similar experience, so hit it off. However, not long after, the girl accidentally check out a terminal illness in the hospital, less than two months passed away.

She and I said: “the girl check out the terminally ill, very desperate, said to me, before that life is very bitter, but now, I hope this life can always go on.”

Life may be like this, we jersey china think that suffering experience, in some people’s eyes, but it is not coming happiness. The suffering of life, accumulation, as long as the heart of hope has been in, then will be fermented into sweet life. Rooted in the suffering of all kinds, will eventually bloom, bloom, become a scenic journey, warm eyes, feeling a heart.

That is a kind of good, yes, is beautiful, although the background is so dim, and only its so, in order to set off that a bright. The city has such as the corner of the bed side, the aunt and three children before the happy smiling face.