Life isn’t exactly what you see In your life, you have best steelers jerseys get experienced some very important things, but you do not know.5 years old that year, my father came back from work, you ran to meet him, accidentally broke a dog eating mud, but no injuries. You don’t know just where you fall to the left two cm, stands a small nail, if you slightly eccentric, probably a lifetime of blind eye.

10 years old, you a person at home cooking instant noodles, just put the pot on the gas stove, you received a call from her mother to let you go to grandma’s house, you completely forget the open gas stove, locked the door to go away. How lucky when the pot of water is boiled, the pot burned red, just run out of gas. A fire without a trend which cannot be halted.

15 years old that year, a night, you under the night self-study, as usual, back home. You must not jerseys Free Shipping think, just after the path, several thugs would stop you up to no good, but just a couple walked over, a bad guy timid, leaving you alone.

When you were 25 years old, you had a bad cold. When you go to the hospital for an injection, the careless pharmacy gives the wrong medicine. When the nurse will be caused by the fetus malformation of metronidazole ready to give you play, passing by the doctor inadvertently took a look, she has gone, and back, quietly reminded the nurse said that pregnant women can not use this medicine ah. Who do not know, if the drug into the day, what will be the result, anyway, you are lucky to escape the bad luck.


There are so many times, you almost fell into the abyss of sadness, but you are lucky to hide jerseys factory supply in the past. Have to say, there are so many times, good luck for you, save you from the ocean.

If you know these, you will be a little bit difficult for a small failure of pain and blame it? Examination of the low points, the betrayal of the lovers, the physical injury…… Those who hide in the past, are not allowed to do anything. So, dear, in the difficult time to believe that, in fact, life for you to take care of.

Of course, in your life, there are some big things, you do not know.

6 years old, my father is ready to send you to the children’s palace to learn painting, but because of his grandmother was ill, they did not have time to pick you up in the summer, put it down. No one knows, if you get professional training, with your talent, you will certainly achieve extraordinary achievements jerseys direct supply in this regard.

18 years old that year, you have a long crush on the boys ready to tell you that the letter has been written, and specifically went to your house downstairs carefully into the mailbox. But he misremembered the floor number, the letter was puzzled for a long time, the neighbors get lost. A good boy, a youth of the most beautiful love, so with you rub shoulders.

At the age of 24, you get a very good job unit, tried to finally break into the final hurdle, but failed. You do not know, in fact you name already in the admissions list, but in finalizing the candidate’s meeting, a heavyweight judges put you into another performance is poor, firmly opposed. In this way, others a sense of small mistakes, so you lose a dream of a good job.


Such a thing, there are probably a lot of. There are so many times, fate had to change, but at the last moment, because of the rather baffling deviation, changed direction. Oh, maybe, your luck is really not good.

So, dear, when you win the lottery in the lottery, when you get the value of the antique, when you successfully admitted to the University and graduate student, when you become the youngest unit in the middle…… Don’t let yourself float up, do not easily believe their luck and strength so good, you know, this is just a part of the beautiful things in your life could have, there is a part of you, and don’t get.

Life is not what you see, a lot of things you experience but does not know. If you know this, you probably won’t be too proud of your current or frustrated.

Really, everyone is step by step down hapless, but no one is Everything is going smoothly. baby eggs, negative things, calm and pragmatic experience life’s ups and downs, I believe you will live better.