The weekend to Life is blank cleveland choose small nephew browns jerseys with others volunteer, relatives have been said to let him report certain professional, the civil service exam, rise head and shoulders above others like it. After the relatives left, I called my brother and sister-in-law, with the nephew said: what do you want to test what you want to do what you do. Home is not pointing to your support, your parents are not for you, we rise head and shoulders above others yangmingliwan. Why do you want to do.” His mother hastened to add: “yes, you can feed yourself on the line.”

Because of family education reasons, I always insist on doing their favorite job, marry their favorite people. Personally feel that if you do these two points, not to become the shepherd boy, a sheep, money, marry a wife, baby sheep, and life?! We are to give birth to a woman, their own bitter Oh, and what to convince children to love life?!

We live in the environment, some people always put their ideas impose on others, such as I always jerseys from china said to two children, more than one person said: “country let you born?” Can you afford it?” I thought, do you manage it? This is my own business! Later a sister taught me a universal reply five words: “well, enough money!”

Before there is a discussion about neighbours to work with me, I said I have chosen love work, this work, profit, to name. No excessive demands on fame and fortune, happy to choose the map like work. Another neighbor criticized me, this is the child’s irresponsible, not to make money for children to provide quality physical environment, child development is not good, can not be successful is the failure of parents.

I am a little confused, is not really irresponsible to the child, I am not really qualified mother. I will discuss this, with an elder he said: “your father’s personality, others eat, he alone; others go to the field, he went home; others advocate family planning, he will be two children; others are working, he farming. Your values are different from others.”

Then I thought it authentic nfl jerseys was true, I did not ask myself to become successful, why do I do not want to do anything, impose on children. I just want to have their own happiness, let the children happy, then teach children to love life, happy on the line. Material life this matter, there is no standard, no end, thought how good can be too good, the pursuit of this no edge.

We cannot control what will happen, only things. But we can control our own attitudes and attitudes towards life. No one can arrange your life, only you can decide your life, only you agree to what kind of life you live, what kind of life you will live. Can you choose to be pushed away, or choose your own life when you can choose.

Takeku Yumeji’s “out of the sails,” there is such a passage: you are what people will meet what; who you are who will choose. Always talk about life, is your life, it is always easy to be mesmerized by his words. I’m afraid you always talk about many complaints, will be all your life.

The secret of happiness is to be yourself. If you look at it, you will find that doing what you like is highly efficient. What do you do, done, and have the opportunity to get good returns. Before a neighbor laughed at my work nba jerseys for sale so many years or small staff, I asked my leaders with no or a job, if you want to develop the leadership that you can, but if his words completely unnecessary, you can ask him how much money manager, you will find that he is not your high income. I ask really is, his name card posts so high, not my income high.

A young man asked WeChat on the morning, there is no work after the rapid promotion strategy recommended, I reply to the leadership often told me to say: “you don’t have to imitate anyone, anyone’s success is a prerequisite, you only need to put your specialty into full play!”

PS: I did not say that money is not right, I did not say that the civil service exam is wrong, I did not say business wrong. I do not feel material and spiritual conflict, money and their own happy conflict. I just want to say, people must be young, try to grow their own wish, don’t rush to accept the present limit, forget yourself from the youth is the most hope to achieve.