29, money can Learn to use money for not represent you. Please best eagles jerseys to get learn from my failures! When I was in the early twenty, when I was a hot tempered rich bastard, I was foolish enough to think that wealth was my identity. A lot of people are still repeating the same mistakes, these people are everywhere, they put money as a measure of their own standards, such as Dan Bilzerian (Instagram on the show like nouveau riche, Wang Sicong).

Although I do not have the money, Mr. Bilzerian, I can see his attitude and I was very similar. The problem with money and self bundling is that when you fail, your self-esteem will be crushed together. Not everyone can be like me to get up again (not to mention how difficult it is to climb up), it is likely that your life will be destroyed. Now in retrospect, I am proud of is not that bloody day, but I have no money no status.

30, learn to say no. Many of us want to be loved, accepted, and welcome. Unfortunately this also means that you will be forced to say a lot of “yes”, even if you do not think so, because you are afraid of offending others. I am not a baseball fan, but in baseball there is a term called the “fat pitch” (fat ball), mean as a batsman, you won’t hand in every pitcher swing, swing because of limited opportunities, you should wait for a higher likelihood of success ball.

The same idea can be used in life and business. There are too many interference and low quality communication in your life. You can’t deal with them one by one, otherwise you will be taken back by the interference. Always ask yourself, time is not spent on the help of things, if not, then why are you doing this? I have taught my sales to “fire” customers, that’s right. If a customer in the economy can not accept our service, if we continue to serve as a waste of time, if things go on like this our business becomes unsustainable.

So is the same with others. If you want to keep on improving yourself, you should be more and more worthy of the people, not to tolerate mediocrity. If you find Wholesale jerseys authentic that you are the worst one in your circle, congratulations! If the situation is reversed, you need to make a change. I hate the old saying in China: there is less than one. No, you’re going to be less than that. Take control of your time and energy.

31, if jerseys china factory you are not smart how to do? Don’t  best bears jerseys worry! I’m not sure that there is an inevitable link between wealth and IQ, even if there is a negative correlation. I’m not saying that the more stupid you are, the more likely you are to succeed. I am not very smart, because I can’t even graduate from college. I’m the guy who is typical of the class.

When I do traders, I noticed a clear phenomenon: “smart” traders, who have high education, the gang graduated from Ivy League schools, a group that is usually the worst performance. When I was a stock broker, we laughed at the doctors and engineers, because they were usually the worst investors. The chief engineer of my company is an extremely clever man, but as investors simply can not.

Although this can not be regarded as the truth, but there may be a little bit of truth. The successful people I know are not the smartest one. Why? Time and time again, the wise men tend to be too sensible, like analysis and contrast, they always miss the opportunity, because the opportunity is not always mature and obvious. Smart people also tend to pursue the “competitive advantage”, you will hear a lot of traders and fund managers to look for the so-called “news””.

At the same time, those who are as stupid as I do know that the real value is not always on the news. Perseverance and cheap jerseys onlin not so great efforts can be rewarded, but this kind of return takes time. I used to laugh at the story of the tortoise and the hare, that I would rather be the rabbit, and now I grow up, I realize that the secret of lasting success is to laugh at the end.

32, adhere to long-term greed! Most people are selfish and greedy, they just don’t want to admit it. I don’t think greed is bad, but I don’t like the short-term greed. Compare China and Seattle (China’s population is much denser than Seattle) so that I understand the difference in the business mind.

When you do business in China or when you meet a Chinese businessman, usually they are very superficial. China business people always jerseys supply center ask what you can bring them much business, the number of how many, what time, they want to have all the benefits in business transactions, they generally do not consider long-term cooperation. That’s why I call them short-term greed, and the following is a business model based on the number of transactions.

The reason is very simple, the Chinese people too much (nonsense!) , after-sales service and long-term value is relatively not so important, because there are new enterprises appear. And in Seattle, and most of the western United States, you can’t find such a large population base to support such a model. So you are forced to start thinking about long-term relationships, hoping that each partner will bring more business over time.

In fact, this is a better business model! Because all businesses need to find customers, so in order to find customers, companies have to generate access to customer spending, for example, a wide range of