People not because of In fact, the lack of their own mediocrity and to blame others bengals home jerseys is not an opportunity, God is equal to everyone, when you succeed in the envy of others, should think about how many people pay, how many tears flow, eat much bitter. I always think that everyone is equal, in the face of opportunity, you are not ready, it will be gone. Most of the time, we all watched the opportunity slip away, instead of complaining, not as polished yourself, to meet any possible opportunity.

Every year, the company will have a number of university campus just from the left, the entry to the fresh blood of our company, every year the entry after the peak, there will be a batch of fresh blood, to break away from all positions, the real trend of social recruitment selection mechanism. So, some people become lucky to work experience, some people, but became the working life of the subject, some of these people make me impressive.

At 6:30, in the bus station connecting junction station, people just work has been waiting in a queue. I stand in the crowd behind the streams of people busily coming and going, there is a girl on the phone to a friend, sounds a little hoarse, as if just cry, behind, I can hear the sound of a call girl.

“Today my boss promoted, thought that is my seat, did not expect to give a just to the headquarters in less than 3 months a small staff, or exceptional promotion. Really jerseys direct supply mad at me. You said, I in this department for four years, no credit has elbow grease, go with me, I will give a good arrangement, what is this? Let a new less than three months of people to take care of me, but also let me take some of him, she must be behind the boss gave us a gift, or there are other things that are not allowed to say. Most despise this kind of behavior, by improper means to obtain the position, this kind of person, sooner or later will be exposed.”

And heard the girl’s complaints and grievances. Back on the bus, I heard her say: “to four years, wages are not how to rise, if I went out early to find a job, and now the wage is not set has doubled it. Recently, a company called me to interview, I think the salary is too low, do not want to go. Don’t tell you. The bus is coming.” The bus stopped steadily in front of us, we ordered to move, I looked back, she is the original!

This girl, big company, according to the entry time and now the update speed, can already count older employees. Although not in a department, I was impressed by her, because of the working relationship, we have played a few times. She gives people the feeling is not their thing, muddle along, not on yourself, your job is careless, do. Often the data error, job submission is not timely, punch in the first walk into the office to check. Person in charge of the Department for a wave of another wave, but I did not give her the chance of promotion. On this occasion, overheard her call, said surprised, actually also a smile.

You are not a few girls jerseys factory supply like this, while in full pressure in the atmosphere of the bengals gresham jerseys carefree and content lived near the endowment life in general, while with friends complain about me no chance, the company is always in the exploitation of employees, those who promoted the, is relying on the relationship or various means to get the opportunity in the post boil time. Wait for the coming of qualifications. For a long time, yilaomailao, said, I just worked here for so many years, no credit has elbow grease, you don’t give me a job, you are wrong.

The girl had 2 times to compete for opportunities, however for various reasons refused to participate in the competition, always thought that by virtue of their qualifications, to obtain exceptional promotion (recommended by director, no need to participate in competition). Then, with the wave of another wave of fresh blood added, when she thought of going to participate in the competition, behind the little meat they already eager, eager for a fight. On the job market, often a missed opportunity, will bring the whole career changes.

Which have so many opportunities, but it happened to you? Spend time in working, when others are working overtime, you have to watch Korean dramas at home, when other people busy weekend to recharge yourself, you have a cold drink in the bustling street, actively put forward their own views when other people in the meeting, you deep in the heart diminshing music playing why not think, other people will think this way, when other people in the morning run or reading, you’re still in bed dreaming slobber took up gas, when it’s time for other people to work late at night in the daytime, you are still on the phone. Then, one day when people seize the opportunity to become that person, but for you a taunt, hum, shit go.

Where do you have so many pie in the sky? Even if the sky is hundred years rare gives you a piece of pie, you have to see if he is not have teeth, never bite in front of delicious!

However, everyone knows the truth, but very few people can actually, you do not jerseys from china have the opportunity to

People not because of their own mediocrity and to blame others, God is equal to everyone, when you succeed in the envy of others, should think about how many people pay, how many tears flow, eat much bitter. I always think that everyone is equal in the face of