In this world there If rabbits jerseys for sale will always be at best discount turtle some people more than you, no matter what. If you compare life to a climb, you may be poor for a certain height in your life, but for some people Mount Everest is not a problem. In this regard, some people choose to withdraw from the competition, calmly, in the hillside leisurely; but there are also people who continue to. If you are the latter, when you know you can’t climb to the top, what is your motivation and meaning? How do you ensure that power continues?

Please note that the premise is “if you are the latter”. Many said to look at the scenery the answer ignored this hypothesis, they went to the front to your goals, but actually I said the first class “in the hillside leisurely people”. I admire your spirit, but what I want to ask is the idea of second people who still compete. And add a good assumption here: if you have enough at the height of the food and clothing, not that you have to constantly on the run, and what is the motivation jerseys direct supply and significance of advancing efforts?

I think everyone grows up experience, will be more or less have been “inferiority” mood enveloped. I am a person who has been entangled in the “loser” complex.

When I was small because of obesity, physical education students in front of; move to the big city, because the accent and introverted personality, become a whole class of boys punching bag; to the high school, into the province’s science experiment class, know some Curve Wrecker IQ, is his life can not match the first arrived in the United States; that is the students around that FOB, from the third world countries in the so-called rube; the world’s elite, around to see a wave of expert, mediocre depression; finally get to the Wall Street in New York, see schools selected from the so-called “essence”, began to face their own lack of comprehensive ability.

Go back to Hongkong, business ability and interpersonal ability around a lot of investment bank colleagues are far better than I, can only survive in the high pressure environment;nfl jerseys from china from Party B to Party A to do PE investment, as with the son of Soros at wits, can experience “origin” and “win at the starting line the significance of a person.

By foreign to state-owned enterprises, began to see what the real game player in the mainstream system realized the talented men still remained in concealment play, before being marginalized in the environment of a variety of foreign expansion is not down to earth bubble is how ridiculous; then come into contact with the insurance, banks and other financial sector strong people, know in the financial domain ten, hundreds of times in their original toss small pond in the size of funds, is what to do.

Share a large paragraph above, in fact, I want to say, the most important is the following points:

1, like Talich teacher before I went to Standford to give me that sentence:

Get there, don’t expect to become expert, but at least you know that the sea is wide, can see what expert doing enough.

To the tortoise, the meaning of the rabbit is that, at least let it know that the world and the existence of “rabbit”, and how fast the rabbit ran. Embezzlement of a slogan: let you see the larger world, which itself is the greatest significance.

2, the existence of the rabbit, can make turtle face himself is a turtle this fact. Have the courage to face their true self, in order to accurately position authentic nfl jerseys their own position, but also to think calmly the most suitable for their own life planning. And this is precisely the most often easier said than done.

3, in fact, more people walk back, the more profound experience to the “impassable class”. When will the young cynic curse: “fuck the world why so unfair.” When you can no longer be hormones when you might become dizzy with success, start thinking: since it is the case, then I should do what? When you’ve all let oneself become better at the same time, you may also make the world a better place.

When Yingmuhuadao finished twenty thousand ball training, he didn’t know how much I.

Because in a game, he saw a cast of Rukawa Kaede, this take-off, this position, this arc, he was training in the imagination of the most perfect picture.

He was very angry, clenched the fist, not reconciled, he asked the coach: when did the fox start playing basketball?

Anxi Coach: you should take the stare at Rukawa Kaede’s posture, as far as possible to imitate him, and 3 times the volume of training training. In this way, you are likely to surpass him in high school.

Rukawa Kaede is the rabbit, fortunately, very probably.

The main problem lies in the confusion, Sakuragi is a genius, like this, and you may just kogure.

Jonathan Lee has a song lyrics, is this nfl jerseys for sale: the recent trouble trouble trouble, I think that the distance can see the shore, that there are a class of genius to catch up, write a song to the satisfaction of all the songs, is more and more difficult.

Middle age crisis is all like this: in front of you than the force of people can not look at the shore, behind a class of genius, than you have energy, smarter than you, higher than your education, more than your internationalization. And you, you have to worry about child achievement,