Thank you mom and I still believe nike nfl jerseys Dad, you gave online china the value of struggle me now worry free life, but also gave me a hard struggle, the pursuit of dream space! Thank you mom and Dad, you are my best example! These days I often hear some voice complained, some people say his bad luck, to find a good job; some people say that love is not smooth, always meet some people say parents scumbag; no ability, can not afford housing; some people complain about always being married to a bad husband, fellow bully people say oneself; life is not good, meet the parents can not become rich, rich two generations, and suffered a total of this.

Faced with this problem, I often do not know what to say, I have seen too many people rely on their own efforts to change their lives, but also seen too much squandered the original superior conditions and eventually become a waste of life. People’s birth is indeed impossible to choose, but the fate of the future can choose!


These days my mother in my here to play, accidentally say my change in these years, my mother nfl jerseys from china and friends together recruitment into the factory of the starting line, we are the same, the whole factory job, in order to break the number of migrant workers head, even to marriage are calculated in which.

The days, those who flatters, people often play a double game to know than to mix little life work people do technology, much better. I remember, do the supply and marketing of those uncle aunt home always have a lot of delicious, always the first to have fresh things, good-looking clothes. The young people go into the factory in seven or eight years when children marry and settle down, and their life will begin to differentiate, do administrative and marketing do the most money, but do technology are often the most poor, the latter is my home.

But this is not the end of life.

In 2008, the fate of most people back to the same running line – state-owned bankruptcy. The huge number of workers to keep factories, so in the face of overnight laid-off destiny, than anyone else who is not a bit better. That generation in the middle age of life for the first time to see the destruction of the market economy. They put in front of only two choices: either sigh nfl jerseys online from the tragic fate, with a one-time settlement and pay over a lifetime, or do not believe that life has been set, change the fate of. 98 years of layoffs have given the struggling people the opportunity to choose the fate of the second. Everyone stood on the same running line again, ten years later, out of the same road of life.

I heard my mother say their unit labor bankruptcy liquidation group for two years, and other units from the evacuation, a huge state-owned enterprises devastated. This time the posterior people have already found the home, no one took the posterior liquidation wage plan for other people, the worst thing is left behind.

Bankruptcy often accompanied by corruption investigation, many uncles who are familiar with the collective a prisoner, in my impression, the director and the Secretary of the Party branch in, some cadres have no marketing cut down. But this time, my father stepped in to take over already no one party branch, the day after I was joking “guanggansiling”. It is the “party secretary”, which is actually the “bad gatekeepers”.

Close to 1 years, my family no income, only the early years of hard work to save the money, barely maintain. During this period, in addition to some daily things to keep the shell of the factory, the father with the help of a friend, at the beginning of the accounting firm part-time, domestic subsidies. Because his father was an early equipment section chief, proficient in equipment, when accounting firms need to audit similar businesses, will ask him to help, to pay. Dad is not an abacus, can only use the computer, when the workload is big, often need to stay up until 3 in the morning. Because dad is very responsible for work, work error rate is very low, that friend even suggested that my dad simply leave the unit, long-term help to the office. Don’t know dad is arrested or think this time to leave is not responsible for, I don’t agree.


As the city’s only heavy industrial enterprises bare nail there, the government is afraid it is so finished, began to think of ways to attract investment. A few months later, my father began to go to the board meeting, began to contact some strangers, and even people came to my house to talk about things. Later, listen to my mother authentic nfl jerseys said that those people are to visit.

The first wave of people first, give my dad talk for a few days, I want to plug a red envelope, there are 3000 yuan, my dad did not receive. Then a group of people, and talk for a few days, red price becomes 5000 yuan, my dad was confiscated. Then a look to the principal people come to my father, about one day, red envelopes directly into 20 thousand, he was confiscated. In fact, I estimate that time deposits at home has also spent assorted, find the relationship between my mother got a premature retirement, a monthly salary of 418.3, my dad in accounting firms that scattered money every month, “guard” money is 400 piece, or a lip-service. At that time 3000 or, or later of the 20 thousand, they are a big money, perhaps to improve a good life. However, parents have a principle to do things, always feel that it is their only get, should not be their own, took the degrading principle. At that time, my dad told the principal said, “if you are willing to invest in cooperation,