If you are like most people How to live the football jerseys, no for sale bottom prominent family background, when you lose someone you go, however, all this can not stop you in dreams

Life, there are many young people questioned why I am not a success? How to live the bottom of life? Many people pray for God or the help of others. In fact, can save oneself, only then oneself, any time must believe your own strength.

There is a foreign film called never give up, there is a very memorable plot. A football coach named Taylor, let a player named Bullock blindfolded 72 kilograms of teammates back to do the death of 50 yards crawl”. Bullock seems to be an impossible task, because he usually only completed 10 yards. Process as expected, Bullock wanted to give up a few times, he constantly suspected himself, constantly deny themselves, but Taylor in 5 minutes to give Bullock up to 102 times to encourage. Eventually Bullock played his potential, reaching an unprecedented peak.

In fact, many times, the difficulty is far from your imagination terrible, victory is not as long as you imagine. Win a foregone conclusion, mostly depends on what you believe. You believe you can succeed, success is sooner or later. If you believe you are a loser, you can only live as a loser.

Zhang Defen in the unknown himself wrote, there is no one outside, only you. The outer world you see is your inner world. If you are an optimistic person, the outside world will show positive. If you are pessimistic, see the world is gray.

Believe in yourself, no matter in adversity or prosperity, respect yourself first.

One of my friends, and all the children in the college exam, college entrance examination, at a loss. Doubt about the future and even life. Is to continue to repeat? Still looking for a job? So she had a deep conversation with herself, and her inner voice told her that studying was her inner desire. So, she called the self taught examination of higher education. Because the family economic conditions in general, so she had to choose part-time reading. In a college for 3 years, in a less than 10 of the advertising company, earn the minimum wage. During the day to work, weekend classes, reading at night, others entertainment time all used to read and learn. After 3 years of college learning completed, she entered the world’s top 500 companies through interviews, starting cheap jerseys online from the assistant, take the initiative to take a lot of work, work more than 12 hours a day, treat each colleague. It is her diligence and perseverance, 7 years, not only from the assistant to the management, but also completed a bachelor degree.

Do you think this story is over? No, she chose to pursue a first-class MBA in China and stand out among the 4500 candidates.

Interview, the examiner asked her: “you do not have a good education background, but get a good job, in addition to hard work, there are other factors? We question your intention to pursue mba.” She replied: “I have achieved results from self-confidence and self-management! Another is my hunger for success. I believe this is the quality of successful people. I do not believe that an examiner will reject a candidate who has an ideal, a purpose, a plan and through his own efforts to move from the bottom to the management.”

Olive branches will always be thrown jerseys china online to prepared people!

You know, if you want to be better than others, when you earn 3000 yuan, do not complain about less money and more heavy task, but should bear the work of $8000 salary. (no) in the short term task is normal, success is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Believe in yourself, if you long enough to succeed, we will ignore all the minor details the difficulties in life. The big difficulty is just an episode, will not become a stumbling block on the road to success. You may not have a coach like Taylor, when we lose to cheer on you; if you are like most people, no prominent family background; however, all this can not stop you in dreams.

Time is the most fair scale, it gives everyone authentic nfl jerseys the same time, but because each person’s efforts to varying degrees and results vary.

Believe yourself, never give up, life will be wonderful!