The Spring Festival holiday is over, I return to Shanghai from my hometown in Guangxi. Sitting in a Lujiazui apartment window, not far away is the Oriental pearl. In the city bright night, how many people like me, the heart is born with emotion.

20 years ago, so when the cold, the first time I read his “ordinary world” — and millions of gullies in Loess Plateau of Northern Shaanxi, southeastern Guangxi mountains overlap those BaiZhuanQianHui heaven land suffering like years, personnel and fate, the rural youth spiritual epic, this shrouded in my heart and it was my suffering when a window is also predicted that guides my life.

At the beginning of 1995, I was in Rongxian County in the southeast of Guangxi. Good news came, my brother fell from the two floor of the site, the spine fracture dislocation, is in the hospital for treatment. I went to the campus a secluded corner night, sitting in the shade of Acacia tears. Looking back four years ago, my brother saw a junior high school graduation, but I and he only one person can continue to read. The sun sank in the mountains at the end, he sat on the edge of the sun far. His mother called him home, and he did not answer. Senior high school entrance examination on the eve of his pack, leaving the campus home; finally the clothes into the snakeskin bag, alone to go to Guangdong to work in Foshan.

Brother 16 years old, the body is not long bone. But he did not have the technology, only in the construction site to do the most hard work of iron. Will be hundreds of pounds of steel to lift the floor, put into a “well” shape, cross wire tightening, in order to cement the cement. Hot summer and rainy, winter cold wind, the seasons of the year, open work extremely hard. For two years, the mother worried that he had broken the body, he asked him to learn to install the relationship between windows and doors.

Mother in the hospital to take care of the injured brother. She had never heard of good news in her whole life, and suffering will never end. I am full of grief, through the night covered with a quilt, borrow a flashlight to read “ordinary world”. According to the reality, the novel opens a window. Junior school, farming workers jerseys china factory support unstable family, brother is Sun Shaoan? Inferior sensitive, hard to find a way out, I was Sun Shaoping? Like the suffering of life, let me feel lonely and helpless in a little comfort.

It jerseys different color became the spiritual drive to push me forward. Mimizaza suffering miss Sun Shaoping collapse, I also like hunger and thirst to study against rock pressure. After the summer, my brother slowly recovered, I also take the county second of the results admitted to the university. Mid Autumn Festival night, I boarded the train to Beijing in Nanning. A car to Guilin, the moon rose to the sky, shining in qishanxiushui eyes, like a dream. The first time I go out, listen to the “rumble” sound, do not know how to load it in my place. I think the rest of the unemployed brother, feel on the road, are not passed. May be a long way to go, but I’ll do my way.

When I graduated from college in 1999, I went back to the town where I was born and grew up as a civil servant. Brother to marry age, can not go abroad to work. He borrowed the capital, in the town to lease shops, do the installation of doors and windows business. I dressed cheap jerseys online in a shabby clothes, 30 thousand yuan in cash will be sewn into the baggy trousers, with his elder brother sitting on the bus to Guangdong, Foshan to buy machine tools. Back home, my work unit from the brother’s shop is only 100 meters, we start their new life.

Mountains of heaven and downs, not the end, narrow winding mountain roads. My brother is still among the farmers, riding a motorcycle through the high mountains and lofty hills, for the installation of doors and windows in building houses of villagers. I was a national cadre, also riding a motorcycle through the high mountains and lofty Hills between the village to go home, the collection of taxes and fees. To the day off, I take off the dignity of the law enforcement uniforms, put on a thick labor service, to help his brother cut glass, screw, to the village to install windows and doors. Brother’s work from dawn to dusk. In winter the faint light in the darkness, mountains of heaven. The biting cold, we lit the car lights on the motorcycle, traveling halfway up the mountain path, like small insects with long tentacles on bright, half flying in the clouds, sneak in the dark sea. Empty the hills resounded “chug sound of a motor”, still lingering in the ears.

In the “ordinary world”, Sun Shaoan toiled, married, never leave home; Sun Shaoping’s body and spirit, but continue to make travel drifting. In 2000, a girl with the village elder brother got married. His wife is simple and hard-working and thrifty. A couple of two people, like a forever in a welding shop entrance doors and windows, always in the shop sewing curtains. In more than and 10 years, they bought two houses, children have been born to grow. I step by step to mobilize, after four units of work, from the remote base to the municipal authorities. However, years of sustained low despair, fierce ruthless factional strife makes me tired. In 2007, the civil service career to the end of me. 8 years, my salary rose from 740 yuan to 1100 yuan, 1/3 support their parents, and the remaining barely maintain life. I finally got the chance to compete for the middle way ahead, the written test results. However, the fierce factional competition, I will be deeply involved in the whirlpool involuntarily. More than and 10 people get promotion, but not me. 8 years ago, the civil service exam scores third in the autonomous region, was sent to the most remote and poor villages and towns. The personnel department is guilty, explained that the leadership of relatives