A man should have a How big the bills white jerseys tolerant heart, the at home heart heart of the capacity to be large. The capacity of the heart, how much life achievement. Mr. Lin Zexu is not in the Qing Dynasty said “all rivers run into sea of tolerance,” this sentence? This sentence is seen by many people as their own guidelines, Shenzhen boss Chan is one of them.

Ms Chan’s life despite many ups and downs, but by virtue of her strong character and superhuman jerseys from china intelligence, to become a very successful entrepreneur, was named one of the most influential women in Shenzhen. She is to have the capacity of self annotation is: no matter what is not all to care about it, you’ll have no way of life. We live in a society, a lot of things, especially the little things, if let go, my heart will become wide.

Tolerance is not only a social art, but also a measure of life and personality of the great. French writer Hugo said: “the world’s most spacious is the ocean, wider than the ocean is the sky, wider than the sky is the human mind.” In the Ming Dynasty Zhu Dagon “concept:” the gentleman said they “intolerable, one can not let people cannot, at.” In order to measure the mind metaphor of tolerance, tolerance and praise people, all. Here is a story: Lin Xiaohong served as general manager, special sb for important department director, but was rejected by many middle backbone, they send representatives opinions with him, require the general manager sent the director of human reason to say. () is a grumpy Manager LED, open to the jerseys direct supply general manager of a Jima embarrassing. If the general manager was replaced by others, perhaps already angry but Lin Xiaohong turned a blind eye, stamp with rage, without a word, let him scold hoarse, and then with a very gentle tone to say: “you should now be able to calm the anger? When you are not have a right to scold me, but now I still would like to explain to you in detail.”

This a few words said the manager was ashamed extremely, but the general manager before he apologized, he said a benign countenance: “I don’t blame you, because any unknown whether people will be furious if crazy.” Then he explained the reasons for the appointment.

Before Lin Xiaohong explained, the manager has been impressed by his generosity. He privately regretted that he should not have reproached such a bad attitude with a kind general manager, but he was thinking of himself wrong. So when he went back to report the consultation, he shook his head and said, “I can’t remember the general manager’s explanation, but there is only one thing to report.”

In this battle, Lin Xiao prevailed, why he can prevail, because he is kind and generous.

In the cause of the merits and achievements, not those jerseys factory supply narrow minded, cautious, but those extreme pettiness of character who, like Lin Xiaohong, open-minded magnanimous magnanimity, magnanimous and open-minded person.

When sad, add a dash of joy; hard, tenacious struggle; his words and deeds, as usual; victory, not dizzy with success. Only in this open, it is generous and open-minded person. Only with a see through all the mind, to do everything as magnanimous and open-minded; “what”, can be in a panic when leisureless.