Sometimes, the same Have had british lions jerseys food left memory kids know how to live, than a more profound and more violent, seared into the bone marrow. For small element, can not mention a kind of her called hemp ball snacks. Golden yellow, brown bag filling, roll into the pan fried white sesame, glutinous rice cake. Childhood poverty. Three outside the rain, drizzle inside the cottage, a piece of bamboo three, two peach trees and plum tree behind the house, is the home of all real estate. Fortunately, then did not lead a good life, do not feel how bitter.

Dad went out to work, Xiao Su and brother, brother followed his mother, grandmother in household farming. The village people of sunrise and sunset, and crops. Sweat into the soil, rice in a bowl, the days passed simple and quiet. But, the mother of a person working for a family living, is almost a mantis trying to stop a chariot is often the case, hungry.

One afternoon, the village to the field of rice people each made a hemp ball, which was extremely luxurious enjoyment. Others took the ball to the edge of the field is Ma sit, eat and rest, but to get the ball after the mother ma not authentic nfl jerseys hungry for a hastily wrapped in a newspaper in his bosom.

In the evening, when the mother ran back home, Xianbao like the precious hemp ball show in front of the whole family, but not to expect the cheers, no one to speak, only Ma ball incense quickly filled the entire room, that sweet, sweet to life. Mother suddenly realized that this child fist so big point of the five men how to eat it? Seems to be too strong anything can not fall mom suddenly burst into tears……

The hemp ball is in cry on each other’s shoulder a family of five, grandma took a kitchen knife into five pieces, we ate water nfl jerseys for sale with tears. The hemp ball sweet and bitter weeping mother, a small element of heart will never forget the pain. That day, she secretly vowed in his heart, if the future of their money, the first thing is to give the family to buy a large basket of hemp ball, then do not let my mother in order to let the whole family eat a hemp ball and tangled, and sad.

Many years later, a small element in the city to earn the first salary, in addition to leave money to eat, she’s all buy into the sesame ball, take the bamboo basket filled with, a way to transfer bus fatigued with the journey back home, although at the time of the situation at home is much better. On that day, the whole family around a basket of hemp ball and cry, but this time because happy.

Even now, what to eat up, even if at any time to afford several wagons of hemp ball, a small element is still not a hemp ball past, say will choke. And let mother happy, let family happiness, also became her life pursuit of the ideal.

Hemp ball is small, years are very big. The years rolled by, but the ball left.

This world is not what the learning method is universal for everyone, the best way to learn is through their own trial and after hitting the wall, his own way out; there is no extra time for who, is nothing more than the time and go to bed and get up early. Always say “I was back not words how to do?” Do you really use your head? Back will not smoke you a largest discount jerseys nfl whip, or a word back will give you ten thousand dollars, you can not back it?

Recently read a book “please let me grow up” one of the words which said: “we are often found in the classroom, those babies are always waiting for the teacher to give them a standard answer or practice, when he found that the teacher does not provide such services, will be overwhelmed in the Leng there, I do not know what to do. They are afraid that there is no fixed answer, afraid to write free essays, afraid of their own do not know what time what mistakes. They have a kind of uncertainty in their minds, unless they get the recognition and praise from others, they will feel that they are not good enough.” We always complain that the country’s education is not good enough, but if you are such a person, no matter how education reform, your children will grow up.